Zdaniem ekspertów rosyjskie wojska mogą pozostać na pozycjach tylko kilka dni (fot. PAP/EPA/MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES)

Russian forces massed near Ukraine’s borders may remain in their positions for a few more days. Otherwise, they risk a significant reduction in combat capabilities, as the British daily The Guardian wrote, citing military experts.

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This is the Russian President Vladimir Putin should decide soon Whether to use them in a large-scale invasion of Ukraine or to return them to their permanent bases, still in the south or west of Russia, but tens or even hundreds of kilometers from the border.

As the Guardian explains, such extended postures, often with poor protection from the cold, can only last for a short time. In the meantime, there is evidence of how this happened on social media Soldiers are staying near the border in poor conditions.

Under what conditions remain Russian soldiers?

The newspaper cites posts and photos in social media noted by military analyst Rob Lee, which show about 100 soldiers crammed into Dołbino train station about 20 km from the border with Ukraine, Without rations and having to buy food themselves.

Russian soldiers stationed in Belarus, in the forests near Chuzhniki, 50 km from the border with Ukraine, were described a few days ago by one of the residents as people “They drink a lot and sell a lot of dieselThis indicates a lack of discipline despite the increasing political tension.

Western intelligence estimates that roughly a third of Russian forces are “tactically deployed” at the front and “ready for action”. They’ve been around for several weeks closely monitor using aerial reconnaissance and other methods, They are approaching the border.

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On Monday, a high-ranking official said he believed so Russia is able to hold them in advanced positions “for a few days”, This conclusion was confirmed by independent experts.

Nick Reynolds, a land war analyst at the London-based Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) said: It is used very quickly and it is as fresh as possibleAnd he agreed with the assessment that if it were to be effective, leaders would want to start within days.

The Guardian notes that Russia could still withdraw its forces from the borders to the bases, as it was last spring; You’ll keep them ready to escalate shortly after the renewal. But whatever the circumstances are, military pressure makes it happen The coming days may be crucial.

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