Ukraine, Crimea.  Explosions in Sevastopol.  Reports of damage to the frigate Admiral Makarov

Russian authorities have reported that near Sevastopol, in the Russian-annexed peninsula of Crimea, a drone attack occurred on Saturday morning. The head of the local authorities said that Russian forces repelled the strike. The Ukrainian side does not recognize the attack. At the same time, officials in Kyiv reported the explosions of several Russian ships, including the frigate Admiral Makarov.

Explosions were heard Saturday morning in Sevastopol, the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The Ukrainian portal reported that the bay between the northern and southern parts of the city was closed to shipping. Russian media reported that the ships of the Black Sea Fleet “repelled the attack of drones.” Subsequently, the Russian administration of Crimea accused the Ukrainian side of launching a “widespread” attack on military infrastructure facilities and emphasized that the Russian anti-aircraft defense repelled the attack. – The enemy tried to hit the military infrastructure of the Black Sea Fleet. The Russian news agency TASS quoted pro-Kremlin Governor Mikhail Razvogayev as saying that all the drones had been previously discovered and destroyed.

Razuyev also reported the attack on his Telegram profile. “The ships of the Black Sea Vota repelled the attack of drones in the waters of the Gulf of Sevastopol,” he said in an entry carried by Reuters. “Nothing was hurt in the city,” he added. He reassured him, “We remain calm and the situation is under control.”

Reports of damage to Admiral Makarov

So far, unconfirmed information has appeared in social media that the frigate Admiral Makarov, which became the new flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet after the Ukrainians sunk the cruiser Moscow in April, was damaged.

Adviser to the President of the Ministry of Interior Ukraine Anton Heraszenko wrote on social media that four warships exploded RussiaIncluding Admiral Makarov on the frigate. Hirashchenko stated that the cause of the explosion was “careless handling of explosives.”

Meanwhile, the Southern Ukrainian Operational Command of the Ukrainian Army announced in an official statement that it could not confirm reports of the destruction of three Russian ships carrying maneuverable Kalibr missiles. The cause of the explosion may have been an “unsuccessful launch of anti-aircraft missiles,” said Natalia Homenyuk, a spokeswoman for the command.

‘They should fight the mosquitoes’

The newspaper quoted Homenyuk as saying that the Ukrainian military is preparing an official comment on the Kremlin’s accusations. Then she added: – Perhaps this is the fighting mosquito that worries the Russian authorities.

Russia for several months, without providing any evidence, accused Ukraine and United States of America To create the lab with biological weaponsIt plans to train poison birds and fight bats to spread disease as they migrate over Russia. Recently at a Security Council meeting United nations Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia said the Americans had obtained a patent for a drone that could “spray infected mosquitoes” on enemy soldiers.

Admiral Makarov replaced sunken Moscow

In mid-May, Ukrainian journalist Roman Simbaluk wrote that the leadership of the Black Sea Fleet decided that Admiral Makarov would be the new flagship after the sinking of the Moscow missile cruiser in April.

The Admiral Makarov missile frigate entered service with the Russian army in 2017. It belongs to the frigates of Project 11356R / M (Admirał Grigorowicz). Its twin units, Admiral Essen and Admiral Grigorovich, participated in the Russian intervention in Syria, firing with Kalibr cruise missiles.

Missile frigate “Admiral Makarov”

Reuters, PAP,, TASS

Main image source: Twitter / @Gerashchenko_en

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