IKEA threatens to sue the creator of the store is closed
October 29, 2022, 12:40

author: Camille “grim_reaper” Klasik

A creator revealed himself to Ikea after the company discovered he was designing an action game in a furniture store. The company is calling for changes to be made to items that evoke obvious associations with the Swedish giant.

Source: Steam, Unsplash: Jueun Song

And the

To better understand the situation, it is necessary to allocate a few words presented about the production itself Store closed. The upcoming survival horror movie takes place in a closed furniture store, whose employees are transformed into bloodthirsty monsters. The participant in the game must survive, and the only way to do this is to constantly explore and use all kinds of equipment to fight the enemy or build fortifications to protect against him.

looks familiar

Although it is not explicitly stated in the game that it is an Ikea store, the building itself, its interior design, its logo, or even the clothes of these employees evoke such associations.. Unfortunately for the creator, the Swedish company also saw this resemblance.

In fact, Jacob Shaw, responsible for Store closedI received a notice from the lawyers that Ikea threatened to take legal action against him. According to representatives of furniture stores, the game violates the good reputation of the company. Furthermore it They ask to change design elements that evoke the retail chain.

Our client discovered that you are creating a video game Store closedthat use, without our customer’s consent, the marks associated with popular IKEA stores.

Your game uses blue and yellow colors with a Scandinavian name in the store, a blue boxy building, vertical yellow stripes on clothing similar to those worn by Ikea employees, a gray track on the floor, furniture that looks like Ikea furniture, and a product brand that looks like an Ikea sign. All the above information immediately indicates that the game is taking place on the Ikea store.

You can easily make changes to your game to avoid these problemsespecially since you don’t plan to release the game by 2024 – the notice content (via computer games).

The Creator makes the changes

Interestingly, while the colors themselves can be changed very easily, according to the creator, the issue of the store’s assortment is a little more difficult. The developer has purchased ready-made furniture models. but, Shaw, who wanted to avoid a court battle, decided to comply with Ikea’s demands and make the required corrections (For example, replacing the colors blue and yellow with red and black).

By the way, the creator hopes that the new colors will not infringe the rights of another chain of stores.

Finally, let us remind you that production is heading towards PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. At the time of writing this post, we don’t know the release date yet. Store closed. It is also not known whether these changes will have a significant impact on the potential appearance of the game.

Below you can watch a short trailer showing the impact of Jacob Shaw’s work so far.

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