Ukraine, counterattack in the Donbass in the east and near Kherson in the south.  Commentary by Michał Przedlacki and General Jaroslaw Stróżyk

According to Michau Przydlaki of “Superwizjer” TVN, in the following days we will see a slowdown in the Ukrainian counterattack, but it will be a deliberate measure aimed at preserving the already captured territory. General Yaroslav Strosik, former deputy head of the Intelligence Council at NATO Headquarters, and deputy head of the Stratpoints Corporation, estimated that the actions of the Ukrainian army were a “perfectly prepared operation.” He gave three reasons why he believed this to be the case.

Michał Przedlacki of “Superwizjer” TVN and General Jaroslav Strosik, former deputy head of the Intelligence Council at Headquarters For this In Brussels, the former US Defense Attaché, and currently the Vice President of Stratpoints, spoke on TVN24’s “Fektash Poktash” about the progress of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south and east of the country and the general situation. In the foreground.

The war in Ukraine. See our report from September 11 >>>

“The attack continues,” Przydlaki said. He admitted that “Ukrainian forces were moving very quickly in their early days.” On their way, he added, they encountered “poorly trained and ill-equipped” Russian soldiers. “But they also basically faced one true line of defense that they were able to break through quickly,” he added.

– Now they are fighting with a more prepared and more experienced opponent – the journalist emphasized. In his opinion, “it is clear that the Russians have thrown everything in their power to stop this Ukrainian storm.”

Przydlaki also emphasized that “in the north of Kharkiv there are battles for the liberation of other cities, mainly all the way to the Russian border.” “This attack is going well,” he said. In his opinion, “in the next few days we will see a slowdown” would be a deliberate act by the military. Ukrainedesigned to preserve the lands they reclaimed.

Przydlaki: The Ukrainians are now fighting with a more prepared and more experienced opponentTVN24

The Guardian: The counterattack is well-prepared for three reasons

General Strosik assessed that the Ukrainian counterattack was “well prepared for three reasons”. – First of all, well-groomed intelligence – he pointed out. He explained that the matter was related to information obtained “from reconnaissance and intelligence and also in cooperation and certainly with the United States.”

– The second element is already the creation of anti-missile defense in connection with the received equipment. Because we can see that the Russian Air Force is not able to support the troops on the shore. And thirdly, the preparation of artillery for combat, that is, firing from HIMARS, as well as howitzers and other means received by Ukraine – enumerate them.

In his opinion, “This is a well-prepared process.” “These developments in the past two days, sometimes even 50 kilometers a day, are a huge success, but most of all, the game is about cutting supply lines and conquering more cities,” he explained. According to him, “this war may be a breakthrough if Ukraine regains control of Kherson or Mariupol in the far south.”

General Strosik: The Ukrainian counterattack is well prepared for three reasons

General Strosik: The Ukrainian counterattack is well prepared for three reasonsTVN24

On September 11, the American Institute for the Studies of War (ISW) published a map of the progress of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the east of the country. Experts put the blue color on the liberated areas within five days. As the research center confirmed – this is a larger area than the Russians have been able to occupy since April.

The situation in eastern Ukraine (until September 10, 3 p.m.). Distinctive blue areas are reflected by the RussiansISW / CT

Main image source: PAP / EPA / Ukrainian Ministry of Defense / HANDOUT

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