Lithuania expelled the Russian ambassador.  Firm decisions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The head of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gabrielius Landsbergis, announced on Monday that due to the Russian aggression against Ukraine and reports of crimes against the Ukrainian civilian population, the authorities in Vilnius decided to downgrade diplomatic relations with Russia.

“The brutality of the Russian occupation forces has transcended all civilized norms in the world,” Landsbergis said.

Russia’s ambassador to Vilnius, Alexei Isakov, will be expelled from the country. Ambassador of Lithuania Etvidas Pajarunas will return to Lithuania.

According to Lithuanian media, a decision was also made to close the Russian consulate in Klaipeda.

Putin attacked a neighboring country

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine at the request of the leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, previously recognized by Moscow as independent, and signed cooperation and mutual assistance agreements with them.

The attack on Ukraine was preceded by a televised speech from Putin, in which he announced that he had taken a decision to carry out the attack “special military operation” To protect those “who suffer abuses and genocide by the Kyiv regime”.

Moscow demands that Kyiv, among other things, recognize Crimea as Russian and “disarm and disarm” Ukraine.

Russian soldiers’ crimes

Inform the Ukrainian side “Freedom from the Enemy” Cities in the Kyiv region. The Ukrainians had to recover more than 30 towns and villages from the soldiers of the army of the Russian Federation.

However, in the village of Bokza near Kyiv Mass graves found. The Ukrainian foreign minister wrote: “The massacre was premeditated. The Russians are striving to eliminate as many Ukrainians as possible. We must stop them and expel them.” “The hatred of the Russians for the Ukrainians goes beyond anything Europe has seen since World War II,” he added.

Dmytro Koiba once again called on the leaders of Europe and the world to tighten sanctions. It’s about: putting an embargo on oil, gas and coal, closing all ports to Russian ships and goods, and disconnecting all Russian banks from the Swift system.

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