Agata and Piotr Rubik survived a dangerous adventure.  Celebrities have eaten their fill of fear

Pewter I Agata Rubik They caused a sensation when, after returning from a holiday trip to sunny Florida, they announced their desire to move permanently to Miami.

Although it seemed so at first “American dream” Celebrity is just a temporary whim, and the famous composer and his wife have mentioned their bold plans more and more.

When the Robiks started selling their items, fans became convinced that the couple was seriously considering moving abroad.

A few months later, the musician announced this on social media They were able to fulfill their common desires and move to Miami with their children.

Celebrities did not hide their joy about this matter, but over time it became clear that everything was not as simple as they had previously assumed.

After Piotr and Agata They have overcome the problems associated with purchasing an apartmentI was very surprised Weather conditions in Florida.

During a trip to the local shopping mall, the composer and his girlfriend You faced a dangerous adventure. When a 55-year-old and a 37-year-old wanted to go home from shopping, their plans were foiled by… Flood.

Celebrities reported the entire situation in detail on social media.

“It’s not nice. We don’t know how to get back. “The roads are blocked by floating cars,” Agata Rubik said on her Instagram page.

At some point, emotions took over and the wife of the famous artist began to panic.

“I rarely feel stressed, but today is the day where everything is completely out of control. We went shopping to a mall more than 20 kilometers away from home. Meanwhile, the streets were flooded with water. She added: (…) We are trying to reach the highway back.”

Although the misadventure thankfully had a happy ending, the couple was filled with fear and they made no secret of the fact that they had learned a good lesson.

“Whether we arrive or not – “We learned a good lesson by never leaving the house when it rains again.” – summarized the composer’s lover.

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