Apple quietly revealed the new iPads.  Their prices are terrifying.  For the most expensive iPad Pro we will pay ... 15 thousand.  PLN

The 10th generation iPad is the first device introduced by Apple. The biggest change here is the updated design which refers to the already known design From the last generation of iPad Pro And the iPad mini. Apple describes it as “frameless”. Well, anyone with reasonably good eyesight would find that overkill.

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10th Generation iPad – New Design, But Old Pen

The new iPad has a larger device, 10.9 inch screen. Unfortunately, this is not a ProMotion screen, but a panel liquid retina With 60 Hz refresh. Her decision is 2360 x 1640 pixels. Maximum brightness in turn 500 rivets.

Other changes followed the new design. The “regular” iPad no longer has a “Home” button with a fingerprint reader. The scanner has been moved to the start button located on the top edge of the device.

IPAD Photo: Apple

Another novelty, already known from the iPad Pro, is the app USB-C . portwho replaced him Lightning. Of course, this decision can be praised. The problem is that Apple hasn’t avoided a kind of silliness (the company has already made us accustomed to this kind of mishap). The thing is that the iPad 10th gen does not support the second generation Apple Pencil, only the first. This, in turn, can only be charged through the Lightning connector. So there was a situation where, in order to connect the pen to the iPad (for example to recharge the pen), we had to get a USB-C to Lightning adapter.

The tenth generation of iPad Apple chip 14 Bionic. This is an efficient unit, but not the latest, which leads, among other things, the iPhone 12. It does not change that RealityThat an Apple tablet shouldn’t have any major performance issues.

The device is also equipped with a front and back camera. Both are 12 megapixels. In the case of the webcam for video calls, there was also the Center Stage function. Another new feature is Bluetooth support in version 5.3.

IPADIPAD Photo: Apple

iPad 10th Generation – Prices

As for the prices of the basic iPad have increased significantly:

  • iPad 10 gen., 64 GB / Wi-Fi – 2899 PLN;
  • iPad 10 gen., 64 GB / Wi-Fi + Cellular – PLN 3899;
  • iPad 10 gen., 256 GB / Wi-Fi – 3899 PLN;
  • iPad 10 gen., 256 GB / Wi-FI + Cellular – PLN 4899.

So they are quite expensive, and it will be even more if we decide to purchase additional accessories:

  • Apple Pencil 1st generation – PLN 599;
  • Magic Keyboard Folio – 1499 PLN.

To make matters worse, Apple also raised the price of the ninth generation iPad. We will pay for the basic version now zloty 2149Although it costs before zloty 1699. difference? As much as 450 PLN.

iPad Pro (2022)iPad Pro (2022) Photo: Apple

iPad Pro (2022) – More powerful and more expensive

In case The new iPad Pro (2022) No design changes were recorded. The same goes for the screen. We can choose 11 inch or 12.9 inch model. Unfortunately, only larger iPads have a display Liquid Retina XDR with technology Upgrade functional. In the case of the 11-inch model, it’s still an IPS screen with 60Hz refresh.

However, the change occurred under the casing. System Apple M1 has been replaced by The Apple M2 module is more powerful (8 cores!), who also drives Last MacBook. It is supposed to guarantee a 15% increase in performance compared to the M1 processor.

We also have available 10 GPU cores And the 16-core neural engine – In this case, we can count on an increase in strength by 35 and 40 percent, respectively. There is also 16 GB of RAM with a bandwidth of 100 GB / s.

iPad Pro (2022) supports the latest standard Wi-Fi 6EAs well as the standard eSIM (LTE/5G). Of course, we will pair the device with a pen Apple Pencil 2nd generation. The new iPad Pro has a front camera TrueDepth (12 megapixels) with support FaceID.

On the back we find the main camera with two lenses – wide angle 12 Megapixel (f/1.8) and very wide angle 10 Megapixel (f/2.4). We can record video with it ProRes 4K/30fps.

iPad ProiPad Pro Photo: Apple

iPad Pro (2022) – Prices

While the prices for the 10th generation iPad are very high, about So much in the case of the iPad Pro (2022), it’s simply ridiculous – Even taking into account the performance of this device. They are as follows:

iPad Pro (2022) 11 inch with Wi-Fi

  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 128 GB – 5199 zlotys;
  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 256 GB- PLN 5899;
  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 512 GB – PLN 7199;
  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 1 TB – 9799 PLN;
  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 2TB – 12399 PLN.

iPad Pro (2022) 11-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular

  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 128 GB – PLN 6199;
  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 256 GB – 6899 PLN;
  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 512 GB – 8199 PLN;
  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 1 TB – PLN 10799;
  • iPad Pro 11 inch, 2 TB – 13399 PLN.

The price difference compared to the previous generation iPad Pro 11-inch, As much as 1300 PLN

iPad Pro (2022) 12.9-inch Wi-Fi

  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 128 GB – PLN 7199;
  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 256 GB – PLN 7899;
  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 512 GB – 9199 PLN;
  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 1 TB – PLN 11799;
  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 2 GB – 14,399 PLN.

iPad Pro (2022) 12.9-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular

  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 128 GB – 8199 PLN;
  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 256 GB – PLN 8899;
  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 512 GB – PLN 10199;
  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 1 TB – PLN 12849;
  • Pad Pro (2022) 12.9 inch, 2 GB – 15,449 PLN.

In the case of the larger iPad Pro, the price difference compared to the previous generation is even greater and amounts to – petty – 1700 zlotys.

However, if one of us is not afraid of it, it is raging inflation (Both in Poland and in the Apple Store) iPad orders can be placed now – they will be delivered to customers on October 26.

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