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The early Matrix films were not only a cultural success, but also featured cleverly convincing transgender symbolism in which gender was either fluid or irrelevant. However, in the latest fourth edition of the series, it is true femininity and masculinity that saves the world. Can the transgender creators of The Matrix… change their mind?

It was not a pleasure to see the first Matrix films in the cinema. When they shocked the world with their innovative influences, a complex but well-explained plot and an intriguing new version of old philosophical questions, I was still a child. My parents decided – they were probably quite right – that “Violence and Shooting” is not a movie for a ten-year-old.

When the Matriks appeared on VHS a little later, my parents decided to let me show the movie. My mother loaned it (later: she loaned it several times) into the house, and I was crazy about the adventures of Neo, who realizes that the world around him is an illusion and decides to declare war on the robots that enslaved humanity for centuries. .

To this day, I still know by heart most of the dialogues from the first movie. I also know every scene by heart, and although I know what and when it will happen in the movie, Matrix One still doesn’t bore me. I have a more negative view of the last two, but I still get to watch them once a year or two and enjoy them. Simply put: I’m a fan of The Matrix.

So I announce with regret and (expected) disappointment: The latest Matrix Resurrections movie is pretty weak. Not worth watching for fun. Even more interesting than the movie itself is its possible, almost right-wing conservative interpretation.

Reheated cutlet

The new Matriks show us nothing new. The plot of Part Four takes us to the plot of the first movie: We meet Thomas Anderson again, Neo, who lives inside the Matrix once again. Niu again – still? – He is a programmer, this time computer games. Still pale, sad and unhappy, Neo cannot find himself in the world around him. Only this time he goes to a psychologist, instead of going to underground techno parties.

Also this time, Neo must be liberated from the system by the rebels living in the real world. Morpheus awakens him from a digital dream, whose assistant this time is not Trinity, but the blue-haired Julka, who can neither be loved nor hated – the character is deprived of character and pushed into the background when Anderson is released. Trinity – Neo’s great love from the previous movies – is still there and quickly (on the first meeting) falls in love with our hero. But this time, Trinity has a husband and kids, which makes her romance with Neo, well… immoral?

As in the first movie, Neo is released from a see-through bathtub as the machines suck energy from his body, and just like in the original movie, he goes to an underground city, humanity’s last hope. Neo must learn to fight again and believe in himself, and at the end of the movie he comes face to face with a horde of agents (here called “robots”) who control the Matrix. There is nothing really new about this new segment. Well, apart from … a critique of trans-ideology of modern ideology?

man and woman

The most important new feature offered by Matriks 4 is the importance of bisexuality. In addition to the combat agents, Neo must help free his partner, Trinity, from The Matrix. Because as we found out in one of the scenes, it also saves the world. The most important things first!

The new movie takes place 60 years after the events of Matrix 3. Immediately after the suicide of Neo, who sacrificed his life for peace between machines and people, the machines take his body and try to reconnect him to the system. And they succeed – however, the Matrix continues to destabilize. The machines try and try, but even though Neo is back in the Matrix, the algorithms that govern it can’t find a balance. Only when they revive the beloved Neo and reconnect it to the Trinity system does the Matrix find balance.

The story of disruption and stability of the system told by the machines is accompanied by visual effects: we see how Neo is lonely and suffering, and when Trinity appears next to him, their hands intertwine, there is an explosion of light and. ..the matrix finds new life. Monday’s union is a new beginning.

Everything is confirmed in the event at the end of the film: Neo can no longer save humanity – he needs a partner for this. Sometimes it is he, the man, who stops the flying balls, and sometimes it is she, the woman, who saves the situation by escaping with her lover on a motorbike. The symbolism of Jing and Yang, the complementary forces of both sexes, triumphs in the same end: it turns out first that Trinity must help Neo in the impossible jump, and the final scene of the film is that of Neo and Trinity, the partner and fellow departing (literally!) together, holding hands.

No wonder so many people see this symbolism as an affirmation of the importance of both sexes: there is no longer a single savior. Salvation, a new life for the human world, comes from the union of man and woman. Aside from this perfectly clear message, something else is possible…

Non-binary criticism

The first Matrix was called by the Wachowski brothers. The same directors underwent a transgender process, that is, a series of surgical and hormonal procedures that were supposed to make them look like the opposite sex. Because the Wachowski brothers decided they were women and are now known as Lily and Lana. The last part, four, was just made by Lana.

“I am a woman born in the body of a man” – this is how we can sum up the personality disorders that both men suffer from. Until recently, transgenderism was generally understood: a person believes that he is of a different gender than he really is and tries to adjust his life according to this belief. But in recent years, these transgender people may have found themselves in the minority. Now the gender change is mostly…non-binary.

Non-binary is the belief that you are neither male nor female. You are both sexes at the same time. You are not of either gender. Or: that you are still another unspecified gender. Non-binary people rarely go through a “complete” transition and often try to deny the very existence of gender. This, of course, upsets some transgender people who have spent a lot of time with a psychologist and psychiatrist, and thousands of time in plastic surgery in any currency. The New Matrix seems to be taking the side of these old-fashioned transgender people: against non-binaries.

certificate? The first is the assertion that male and female, feminine and masculine, is the driving force of the world. Moreover, in several dialogues in the film, the word “binary” (which officially refers to programming code) is mentioned and asked about its necessity. In the latest Matrix … there are also no “sexualized” people, unclear in terms of gender. These have appeared in previous videos – in the first video, for example, it was a switch (the switch is a light switch that can be moved) which had a different gender in the matrix and a different real life. In the fourth part of the Matrix, one will search in vain for such characters: they are clearly all masculine or feminine. So it’s possible that Lana herself is tired of watering down the definition of transgenderism. Eventually — Lana, the one whose body was cut — might be upset that some dress-up little boy thinks he’s in the same transgender category as post-op transgender people who take regular hormones.

Whatever the symbolism of The Matrix Resurrections: it’s a movie that doesn’t deserve our attention. A movie that shouldn’t have been done, and the pathetic echo of the splendor of the first movie in the series. Everyone knows that the world needs men and women and that Golki is not a crazy binary. You don’t need to waste millions of dollars and 2.5 hours in the cinema getting the message across.

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