The production comes during the stormy and uncomfortable transition of If We Loved One Another

During the episode If we loved each other Aired on Wednesday evening, Sylvain faced an unexpected incident involving his ego, his partner Frederic and members of the production team.

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In fact, when Sylvain was asked if Frederic was a sympathetic person, his answer was “no,” surprising everyone.

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Sylvain was surprised to realize that his answer seemed strange. He lost his temper and had a tense exchange with the production team, interrupting his conversation with his partner. Meanwhile, the latter responded with a wicked laugh.

In fact, Sylvain simply does not understand the meaning of the word “empathy” and is unfortunately too shy to admit it in front of Frederick and the cameras of the popular reality show.

Later, in the office Louis ChigoinHe finally recognized his misunderstanding of the word “empathy” and realized that it would have been simpler if he had confessed his ignorance to Frederick.

Don’t miss out If we loved each other Monday through Thursday at 6:30pm on TVA and TVA+.

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