Two companies will build a dam on the border with Belarus

Details of the construction of a dam on the Polish-Belarus border entrusted to Budimex and Unibep will be presented this week. The first company will build a dam in sections with a total length of more than 105 km, the second – 80 km. Budimex’s bid is PLN 326 million, and Unibep is PLN 197.5 million.

The Ministry of Interior and Administration had informed last week of this Two companies were selected from among the seven companies that were invited to bid. Offers were received last Monday, and the State Border Security Preparation and Implementation Team assembled on Thursday. The commissioner recommended that Budimex and Unibep be selected to build the dam, Marek Chodkiewicz, and the team agreed to that proposal.

According to the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, in the opinion of the investor – who is officially the commander-in-chief of the border guard forces – PODEMEX and UNIPIP meet the approved standards to the highest degree, “in particular, they have experience in the investments of the construction line, its equipment and personnel facilities.”

“It also provides for the possibility of building a dam in the form of prefabricated elements, which will allow to limit the work performed on the site to the necessary minimum, which can significantly destabilize the protective activities of services in the border area” – stressed the Ministry of the Interior.

The Ministry of Interior and Administration had previously stated that the border part on which the dam will be built will be divided into four sections, and Work on them will be carried out simultaneously in a three-shift system, 24 hours a day.

According to reports from the boards of directors of the selected companies, Budimex will design and build a dam on the first two sections with a total length of more than 105 km, and a consortium consisting of Unibep and its subsidiary Budrex – in the next two sections with a total length of 80.7 km. The value of Budimex’s net offer exceeds 326 million PLN, and Unibep – about 197.5 million PLN net. The total value of both offers is about 523.5 million PLN net.

The deadline for implementation in both offers is up to 150 days from the date of conclusion of the contract. Initially, the Ministry of Interior and Administration informed that contracts with contractors would be concluded by December 15. According to the ministry’s announcement on Friday Detailed information on the construction will be provided this week at a press conference. Works are scheduled to start this year and end by the middle of next year.

The dam will be built on sections protected by the Department of Border Patrol Podlasie. Their height should be 5.5 m: 5 m are steel poles, topped with half-meter coils of wire so that it is impossible to go to the other side. Electronic methods of border management, such as motion sensors and cameras, will also be used. As previously announced by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, the steel panels will be delivered by a consortium of two companies – Węgloks SA Capital Group and Mostostal Siedlce.

Investment – in accordance with the Law on the Construction of State Border Protection, which entered into force on November 4 – is a general goal. No separate provisions are applied to it, including, inter alia, building law, water law or environmental law. The Public Procurement Act does not apply to investment-related contracts, and procurement is controlled by the CBA. Information regarding the construction of the dam, security measures and technical parameters shall remain confidential. The construction cost in the Regulatory Impact Assessment of this bill was estimated at PLN 1615 million, of which PLN 1 billion and 500 million is the cost of building a physical barrier, and PLN 115 million from technical devices (perimeter).

A group of migrants tried to cross the Polish-Belarus border

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