TVP Nauka starts in the fall

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“Giants of Science” It is a science-themed games show for all lovers of one or more fields of science. Each episode introduces one topic from a specific scientific field or allows you to get acquainted with the profiles of the most important Polish and international scientists. The game show consists of four rounds in which participants can test their knowledge by answering questions of different difficulty levels.

The winner of the program may be the person with the most points in the entire game show. The prize for winning the title of “Giant of the Flag” and 20,000 PLN.

TVP Science To be an educational channel. Its presentation will include educational programs, journalism, and documentaries focusing on the content of widely understood science and the history of science. Broadcasting on a wide range of topics, including medical (health), technical, technological, biological and natural content as well as research and cultural content. The educational nature of the channel is carried out, among other things, through programs that explain the changes taking place on our planet and promote activities aimed at its protection, including in the field of waste separation, the reduction of emissions of pollutants, and innovative energy technologies. The program will also support the promotion of Polish technical thought as well as the achievements and potential of Polish science.

I remember that In October of last year TVP Nauka website was launched – science.tvp.plWhere you can find articles in areas such as: space, technology, nature, medicine, environment, physics, chemistry, earth, archeology, and history of science. TVP Nauka’s social media profiles work simultaneously with the portal: on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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