Earth will run out of oxygen.  Scientists have calculated when we will start suffocating

Oxygen is an essential component of the normal functioning of most organisms on our planet. Its low concentration, or even its lack of it, will quickly lead to the extinction of people, animals and some plants. Scientists from Georgia Tech and Toho University have made calculations showing that in just a billion years oxygen should be fair 1 percent of the concentration is present.

This process will not happen suddenly. Indeed, the decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere is constantly progressing, and this is also due to the activities of mankind. After all, every action creates a reaction. Industry contributes massive amounts of carbon dioxide, and the warming oceans are making them lose oxygen, not to mention the large scale. Elimination of Forestswhich convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

People should begin to feel the oxygen concentration decrease within a few hundred million years. Our daily star will also contribute to this process. In about a billion years, the processes on the Sun will begin to be more violent. It will begin to become brighter and warmer than Earth’s atmosphere, accelerating global warming. Geological processes will also bear fruit CO2 انبعاثات emissions.

In fact, the Earth will return to the state it was in 2.4 billion years ago, which is wonderful oxidative eventWhen the atmosphere was filled with carbon dioxide, most living things were breathing only carbon dioxide, not oxygen. It may sound strange, but it is supposed to give us life, but it is actually a poisonous ingredient.

It is difficult to determine whether humanity will live to see these times on Earth, and whether the lack of oxygen is important to us. Future scientists believe that in just 100 years we will be able to be serious genetically modifiedWhich is intended to protect us from such troubles, and we will begin to colonize the Moon and Mars much faster, since there is practically no oxygen, but it can be easily produced there for a small group of people and works normally in the bases.

There is also a choice, and it is very likely, that humanity will soon plunge into a devastating choice nuclear warAnd then we’ll technically go back centuries, and maybe even a handful of people on Earth will start building a civilization from scratch. Then these millions of years may pass as a cracked whip. After all, life on Earth is 3.7 billion years old. This is what nature needs to fulfill the people who made the world what it is today.

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