Turn off this option on your phone.  Give away your personal information!

A while ago Gate X (i.e. Twitter in general) began offering new functionality to users. These are voice and video calls, thanks to which you can communicate with each other online – just like in Messenger. Initially, it was only available to paid premium account holders, but later the option became available to all people using the platform.

Everything seems fine, but not quite. It turns out that this whole new functionality has a huge vulnerability in our security. Can you imagine that all it would take is for someone to contact us and for that person to know our IP number? Well, you already know what problem we're talking about.

It's all because of one setting, which is turned off by default. It's about to Increase privacy protection during calls. We can use this in the settings, which will prevent the automatic display of our IP address during calls. I can't quite understand why something like this isn't activated by default. It is worth remembering to use this option. Better safe than sorry.

Exactly, what can a cybercriminal do with our IP address? It may not seem like much, but the risk is high.

IP number (Internet Protocol) is a unique address assigned to every device connected to the Internet. Although simply obtaining someone's IP number does not give criminals direct access to your computer or personal information, they can use the number for a variety of unwanted and potentially malicious purposes. There are several examples.

One of them is identifying and tracking ourselves. IP number They can be used to determine the user's approximate location. Although this information is usually public, it can help track your online activity. Away from this IP address Can be used to carry out an attack DDoSwhich involves flooding the victim's IP address with a large number of queries in order to overload the network and block access to it.

Basically, the IP address should be treated as a starting point for many types of attacks and activities that harm us. It is not necessary to flash it during every conversation, so remember to use the indicated option. Move to Settingsthen press Privacy and security And Private messages.

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