Huge explosion in the sun.  Plasma cloud approaching Earth - o2

On Thursday, October 28, astronomers observed several solar flares. Its strongest was rated X1.0 and reached its maximum at 17:35 Poland time. It happened at the AR2887 sunspot collector.

It is the second largest glow ever recorded in the current 25th solar cyclewhich started in December 2019.

The event led to a coronal mass ejection, that is, an eruption of charged particles. They are moving towards the Earth at a speed of more than 1,200 km / sec. According to the Space Wather website, the plasma cloud will most likely reach our planet on Saturday – October 30 or on Sunday – October 31.

Class X1 flares can interfere with radio and satellite communications and contribute to the formation of the aurora borealis. In this case, twilights will be visible in the far north. According to experts, the flare started a series of coronal mass ejections that could be observed in the coming days.

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