Turkey itself will find a well-stocked skull all the way

Refusing to go bald, Quebecers travel to Turkey to find a well-stocked head.

“Why not!” said Simon Chartrand, 38, a real estate broker in Sutton Quebec. He says. The man from Sorrel-Tracy has never seen his hair fall out at such a young age.

“When it comes to cutting hair, I am very limited. I also shaved and I didn’t have the head to be bald,” he says.

Almost two years ago, she flew to Turkey and paid about $4,800 for a hair transplant. He argues that it is much cheaper than Quebec.

Turkey has become a global destination for this type of medical tourism in recent years. Here and in Europe, men go there to regain their former hair.

Annie Vincent co-founded Nomads Medical for bariatric surgery in Turkey. Later, receiving requests for hair transplants, he said he connected with a doctor who does “a few a month” for Quebecers.

An explosion in demand leads to an explosion in supply. So caution is warranted in these medical trips, which are sometimes the scene of horror stories. Experts remind you to make sure you are dealing with a doctor and a hospital, for example, rather than a clinic.

3200 grafts

After 3,200 grafts to his head, Simon Chartrand went from a rooster comb to a full head. “I am very satisfied. Those who have not seen me yet cannot guess that,” he says.

Hair from other areas of the skull, especially the back of the neck, is more resistant. Then they are added in rare places.

Simon Chartrand, a 38-year-old real estate broker, traveled to Turkey in October 2021 for a hair transplant. Cosmetic surgery for men File Jonathan Tremblay/Le Journal de Montreal/Agence QMI

Photo by Jonathan Tremblay

His partner, Patrick Charbonneau, is considering high-definition liposuction. “I want to have abs,” he says, adding that despite training several times a week, he hasn’t achieved the demarcation he wanted.

“No Man Less”

For Shawn Bastian, who traveled to Turkey last year for a hair transplant, it’s a question of self-esteem. Tired of hearing about his hair falling out, it was his partner who encouraged him to move on. “Having a hair transplant doesn’t make me feel less of a man,” says the 49-year-old.

The fire prevention consultant received more than 3,000 patches, lasting a total of 12 hours.

Sensitive content

Sensitive content
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Reveal the image

Photo courtesy of Sean Bastian

He says you should wait six to eight months for the adhesions to become less visible.

Before and after hair transplant surgery Photos provided by Shawn Bastian

He says the surgery takes a long time, but is not painful. A local anesthetic is given to the head.

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