Ukraine is negotiating with Hungary.  It’s about war sponsors

OTP Bank is listed International sponsors of war Because of its continued operations in Russia after the Kremlin launched large-scale operations Invasion of Ukraine. However, Nikolenko emphasizes that NAZK is an independent Ukrainian body that is not subject to the control of the government, parliament or president.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman added that Kiev is currently holding talks with the Hungarian side regarding changes to the language law, which Budapest has criticized as limiting the rights of nearly 100,000 people. Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman: We will not allow the war to reach Hungary

Kiev also has information that prisoners of war from Transcarpathia, who were released from Russian captivity in June and transported to Hungary, They were exposed to psychological pressureNikolenko said the Hungarian side had been misled and manipulated.

– They were told that the Ukrainian government had abandoned you and would put you in prison if you returned, adding that the process of releasing prisoners, without consulting Kiev, was considered by the Ukrainian government as an operation Stab in the back.

– The Hungarian government should be grateful for what Ukraine is doing. We will not allow the war to reach Hungary And Hungarian cities. Nikolenko pointed out that the truth is that we are now a shield in Eastern Europe that will stop Russian aggression.

Hungary sets a condition. Military aid to remove the bank from the list of war sponsors

At the end of August, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said that Budapest would not budge on the issue of financing arms supplies to Ukraine unless OTP Bank was removed from the list of international sponsors of the war.

And at the end of June, Hungary again Payment is not supported Kiev received a tranche of the European Peace Facility worth around €500 million, citing the Ukrainians’ blacklisting of a Hungarian bank as the reason.

OTP Group is the largest commercial bank in Hungary and one of the leaders in the financial services market in the Central and Eastern European region. supports Several million customers in 11 countries.

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