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Cardfight Vanguard Dear Days shocks with its price and isn't afraid of the competition

Cardfight Vanguard Dear Days shocks with its price and isn’t afraid of the competition

November 19, 2022, 13:12

An expensive CCG is trying to conquer a Western market that is dominated by free-to-play productions. Players see the problem, but they seem happy. How is this possible?

Fans of online CCG card games are used to the free-to-play format. Although famous titles such as HearthstoneAnd the string if Magic: The Gathering ArenaOffers microtransactions, anyone can try out the gameplay for free. Developer FuRyu and Japanese publisher Bushiroad decided to go against the grain with the release cardfight!! Foreground dear days On Steam for PLN 236 and with DLC and Card Pass packages for a total amount of PLN 723.33. The title is also available on Nintendo Switch (PLN 236 for the base game and PLN 646 for Card Pass and DLC with slightly different content). Despite the price close to the expected mainstream titles, the game from a seemingly unknown studio, representing a niche brand, not only found an audience but also amassed Positive reviews on Steam. How is this possible?

From Japan to the West

cardfight!! Foreground dear days It is part of a multimedia brand that has been around since 2010 cardfight!! forefrontwhich includes, among others, a card game TCG, games for Nintendo consoles and smartphones, and several anime series. While the cards have been available in English since 2010, official distribution of the cartoon in the West began in 2021 with the release of the series. cardfight!! Pro overdressto which you refer Our dear days.

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This is the first installment of the series released in English, so the high price may be surprising – perhaps an affordable game will attract more people, especially those who are not familiar with the brand. However, it must be admitted that FuRyu Studio is not afraid of competition, Even from the cult series Pokemonthe final version premiering just one day later.

Only for amateurs?

cardfight!! Foreground dear days It gives you the opportunity to fight against players from all over the world in the ranked fighting mode, as well as against the computer in the CPU fighting mode. The original story features characters and cards familiar to anime fans. Among the DLC are the decks used by the heroes and sleeves of cards with their images.

A game few have heard of for its price shocks and isn't afraid of the competition - Clarity #1

Yuki is a new character and the main protagonist of Cardfight!! Foreground dear days. Photo. steam.

It seems clear Our dear days It’s aimed at the tastes and wallets of fans of the official anime, but TCG fans will also find something for themselves. In DLC form, there are 9 decks of cards from packs that TCG players love that can be used to build a deck. DLC can also entice new players who – not knowing how and where to start – will want to play easily recognizable cards.

Although the price seems steep for gamers who are not fans of the brand, Our dear days It remains the easiest way to get into the game. The title contains a comprehensive tutorial that will let you learn about the rules of the game and terms related to the game. It also gives you access to more than a thousand cards. Online play comes at a time when paper TCG tournaments are being canceled or experiencing organizational problems and low attendance (due to COVID, among other things).

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Good reviews, but mixed reactions from players

Our dear days It receives positive reviews, praising the gameplay and soundtrack. user @employee It indicates that in addition to the online card game, the game offers more than 15 hours of gameplay in the visual novel mode, i.e He points out that completing a deck of cards could cost more than $200 – $69.99. behind Our dear days It looks much better here.

However, fans are divided. Even before the premiere, the price issue was widely commented on by the community, including on YouTube and Twitter. Youtube different game They discussed the game’s controversy in a video that garnered 22,000 views, and also mentioned about Lack of intersection and consistency in regional pricing, which makes the game accessible to players from all over the world. He pointed out that For many fans, the game was supposed to be a chance to get friends in the game while allowing Cardfight!! avant-garde to the mainstream, and ultimately, the effect may be the opposite. He confirmed that some additions to the game will only be available in Japan.

In the comments, users expressed their concerns:

I’m afraid FuRyu is doing this on purpose so he can say “Look, you failed. Please don’t ask us for another outlet.” – User TheDragonKing

As an Argentinian, I was waiting for this match. It’s not easy to get paper cards here, and it’s even more difficult to make a deck of cards because of how little printing, customs and shipping fees are. And I hoped that Our dear days The solution would be – but these prices! – TELECHUBBIE USER

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Twitter user @ t0w0ya Ironically, it would be terrible if several hundred people wrote emails in support of the publisher of Bushiroad, demanding that the price of the game be lowered. Fans picked up on the idea, and although the chances of success of the event were slim, It seems that the players are motivated not only by the desire to save money, but also to maintain the brand image.