Trump's man talks about the war in Ukraine.  “We know how to do it”

Gordon reminded his interlocutors that Ukraine was experiencing great tension Waiting for results to be announced elections Presidential elections in the United States. The Ukrainians do not hide their fears that if Donald Trump wins, he may deprive them of aid by reaching an agreement with Vladimir Putin.

Mike Pompeo emphasized that Ukraine does not have to fear the presidency of Donald Trump. The former CIA chief noted that it was Trump who decided to send defensive weapons to Ukraine during his first term, at a time when we were not yet facing a full-scale war.

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Mike Pompeo strongly emphasized this to Donald Trump during his stay in the White House He succeeded in “preventing Vladimir Putin” from going to war, and once he left office he “lost everything.”

Referring to Pompeo's experience, Gordon decided to ask about his expectations regarding the duration of the war in Ukraine and how it might end. The former head of the CIA admitted that everything depends on whether the world will provide Ukraine with adequate support and will not make Ukrainians “hostages of the aid provided.”

He added that it is not only necessary to provide Ukraine with the appropriate toolsBut also allowing the freedom to “impose costs on Putin so high that he might change.” Pompeo clarified that he was not talking about “internal change, but rather a change in plans toward Ukraine.”

The conversation also included the issue of the aid package for Ukraine blocked in the US Congress. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick confirmed that the package would be approved. “Next week, we will have clarity when I talk to the broadcaster about his intentions. Then we will respond based on his response,” he said.

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