A month ago, he flew into space in the company of Jeff Bezos.  Died in a plane crash

Glenn De Vries was killed Thursday afternoon when the small plane he was driving crashed in Sussex, New Jersey, according to state police. The millionaire flew in the company of 54-year-old Thomas Fisher, who also died.

Bue Origin issued a statement following the death of one of its pioneers:

Blue Origin wrote on Twitter: “We are SO sad to hear about the sudden departure of Glen de Vries. He brought so much life and energy to our entire team.” Respect and admire her.”

De Vries space flight

De Vries reached the edge of outer space on October 13, aboard a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket. He was one of the four passengers on the flight, and with him was 90-year-old Canadian actor William Shatner, making him the oldest participant in space flight.

“Indeed, I’m looking forward to seeing Earth from a different perspective than ever before,” de Vries told CBS before the trip. “I can’t wait to look through that window and feel more different about humanity and our planet than ever before,” he said.

Glenn De Vries, a molecular biologist, co-founded Medidata Solutions, a successful technology company that produces clinical research programs. In 2019, the French company Dassault Systemes bought Medidata for $5.8 billion.

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