After a record summer, cinema for

“I got a lot of calls from people who wondered if it was real because they really couldn’t believe their eyes,” says Leandre Panchevre, assistant manager of Cinema Cartier.

In the morning, there was even a long queue in front of the Le Clap cinema in Sainte-Foy, notes Félix Bergeron, assistant manager of the branch. He finds that many families have taken advantage of the reduced rate. Despite the sunny day, Léandre Panchevre believes there will be plenty of customers as many have bought their tickets in advance. Expect heavy traffic in the evening.

International successes Barbie And Oppenheimer Films continue to attract audiences, but Quebec films are nothing to envy. My mother’s men, Red rooms And A summer season Among the most popular films this Sunday.

This is the second National Film Day organized by the Cinema Society of Canada. More than 3,000 theaters nationwide offer screenings, including 3D films, for $4 plus tax. The discount is substantial, going up to 77%.

At the Club and Cinema Cartier, tickets are $14 for adults and $17 for 3D films. At Cineplex Odeon Sainte-Foy, a regular ticket costs $13 for adults and $16 for a 3D movie.

An extraordinary summer

Félix Bergeron has been working in theaters for over five years and he has never seen such enthusiasm in theaters, especially for movies from here. ” A summer season Filled our largest halls for a week. Eligible statistics Blockbusters, reports Clapp’s assistant manager. “It’s rare, and that’s great,” he adds.

According to Leandre Panchevre, since June, moviegoers have been there. But the numbers exploded with arrivals barbie, WHO It filled some theaters days in advance and continues to dominate the box office.

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