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Trotyl and hexogen on the wreckage of the Tu-154M.  Cesare James and Professor.  Peter Groshamsky on the findings of the report on the causes of the Smolensk disaster |  "It was 20"

Trotyl and hexogen on the wreckage of the Tu-154M. Cesare James and Professor. Peter Groshamsky on the findings of the report on the causes of the Smolensk disaster | “It was 20”

Nearly 10 years ago, Cesare Gemez revealed in Rzeczpospolita that Polish investigators investigating the wreckage of the Tu-154M presidential plane had discovered traces of explosives on it. Because of this article, he was fired from his job. Today, his findings are officially confirmed by the state subcommittee report, whose conclusions were presented on Tuesday by Anthony Macierewicz. – I had no doubts about the correctness of the information in my text – I emphasized Gmyz in the program “Minęła 20”. In turn, a. Piotr Grochmalski notes that traces of explosives detected, incl. Hexogen is a visiting card of Russian services.

Subcommittee submits report on Smolensk disaster [WIDEO]

The disaster of April 10, 2010 at the airport near Smolensk was the result of illegal interference; Commission confirms invalidation of the report…

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On Monday, the Subcommittee on the re-examination of the aviation accident near Smolensk submitted Conclusions from the “Report on the investigation of an air accident with the participation of the 101st Tu-154M over the Smolensk Ciwernezh Airport of the Russian Federation”. The Chairman of the Subcommittee and Deputy Chairman of the Law and Justice Party, Anthony Maserevich, assessed during the presentation that the disaster near Smolensk was the result of an act of illegal interference. According to him, the report “confirms the revocation” of the report of the Jerzy Miller Commission on July 29, 2011.

Explosives in hard-to-reach places

– In 2012, while searching for debris in Smolensk, traces of explosives such as pentrite, TNT, hexogen and nitroglycerin were discovered. In 190 cases, including simultaneous indications of two detectors, there were more than 160 beams. Information about the disclosure of RDX and TNT was concealed by the military prosecution, although the head of this Prosecutor’s Office at the 2013 session of the Parliamentary Committee admitted that the presence of TNT had been detected – Macierewicz said.

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He added that the explosives were in places inaccessible to the crew and passengers of the plane, and confirmed the presence of the explosives by a British laboratory. He explained that the subcommittee had submitted “a request to file a criminal case against the perpetrators in this forgery case.”

Described by Gmyz nearly a decade ago

Information about the effects of the explosives was first published on October 30, 2012 thanks to the famous article by Cesare Gemeez, “Trotel on the wreck of the Tupolev”, published in Rzeczpospolita (the owner of the newspaper and publisher was dismissed from the publication, and Gmyz and the management of the editorial office of Rzeczpospolita “were fired from their jobs ).

It has been almost 10 years since this article was published, but – as Gmyz stated – from that moment on, he had absolutely no doubts about the results presented in the text.

PSL MP: In Smolensk, Putin and Shoigu were wrapping pasta around Tusk’s ears

– Today this discussion would be different if we finally came to know this report and perhaps dispel the doubts we have today …

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– This information has been repeatedly verified as journalistic art requires of each reporter – that is, confirmation in at least two independent sources; There were four such sources at the time. Of course, at that point, we had no readings from the devices that prosecutors used in Smolensk in the early fall and summer of 2012. Instead, we received a propaganda scene that tried to convince us that these devices used in Smolensk interacted with the shoes. Polish washing powders – said in the program “Minęła 20”, correspondent of TVP in Germany.

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Hexogen, FSB and Putin’s confidant

As he added, later it turned out that there were also traces of other explosives on the Tupolev, which Anthony Maserevich spoke about at Tuesday’s conference.

Public opinion for years, also before April 10, 2010, was widely known information about the use of these explosives, including by the Russian services. Hexogen was a kind of “visiting card”.

Professor C. said: Piotr Grochmalski, political scientist from the Academy of War Arts.

More and more Poles accept the thesis about the Russian offensive in Smolensk. The political scientist explains why

A study conducted by the Social Changes studio commissioned by the portal wPolityce.pl showed that the point of view of the Poles about the possibility of an attack in Smolensk …

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For years, experts have pointed out that hexogen was used in a series of attacks in Russia as a pretext for a war with Chechnya, which brought the then head of the FSB to power.

“War Party”

a. Grochmalski stressed how important Patrushev is to this day in the Kremlin.

– These are the people who – according to the available information The so-called war party was formed – the people who made the decision in a narrow circle on the Ukrainian operation, that is, the people who had deep faith in Putin.. Patrushev is the man behind this famous massacre during the pacification of the Dubrovka Theater. An expert from the Academy of Martial Arts said that it was Patrushev who made the decision that led to the use of gas, which led to the death of a significant part of the Russian citizens who were in the theater at that time.

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More in the video.
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