Most new cases of coronavirus since April

The number of new infections reached 2,536, and deaths related to COVID-19 were 149,10.5%. Coronavirus tests were positive.

The country with the fewest vaccinations

The number of patients in the hospital exceeded 5,000, of whom 432 are in intensive care units. For several days, the Bulgarian Ministry of Health has been providing data on vaccinated people who have been infected or died. According to the latest data, 7% are newly infected. People were vaccinated, and among the dead, 149 people – 10.

Bulgaria is the EU country with the lowest number of vaccinated people, with a total of 1.3 million people, less than 20%. Population. At the same time, due to residents’ fears of vaccination, the authorities are forced to destroy unused doses. And the Ministry of Health announced, on Tuesday, the liquidation of 15 thousand. Preparation doses from Pfizer / BioNTech. Since August, Bulgaria has donated or sold nearly 500,000. doses.

“Such a policy will lead the country to another shutdown.”

Bulgaria’s Representative to the European Union Medicines Agency (EMA) A. In a radio interview, Iłko Getow criticized the media’s behavior, stressing that it allocates too much space to anti-vaccine workers and people spreading conspiracy theories. In his opinion, this is the main reason why Bulgarians avoid vaccination.

“Such a policy will lead the country to another lockdown,” Gito warned. He also referred to the fact that the United States had banned travel to Bulgaria earlier this week. “This should serve as a signal to us,” he noted.

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