March 21, 2023


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Orcs attacked their ship.  Within 45 minutes the boat disembarked - o2

Orcs attacked their ship. Within 45 minutes the boat disembarked – o2

The accident occurred on November 1 off the coast of Portugal, about 20 km west of the port of Viana do Castelo. Elliot, Augustin, Roman and Corentin had a fun ride. Suddenly they heard an unexpected noise near the rear.

It turns out that a group of five to seven killer whales approached the boat. The animals started hitting and biting the sides of the yacht. At some point they broke the rudder and the ship began sucking up the water at a rapid pace.

Unusual accident with orcs. Destroy the ship and leave

The ship’s crew asked the Coast Guard for help. At this time, mammals began to propel the yacht together towards the open ocean.

I was at the helm at the time. Suddenly there was a strong blow. The goblins constantly bite the ship until they release the hull piece. This led to the water flowing and sinking. Everything happened in less than 45 minutes – says Captain Elliot Boyard in an interview with French TV TF1.

A recording showing the entire incident was circulated in the media. It shows mammals attacking the ship. The following shot shows a yacht going to the bottom.

When we called for help, the orcs were constantly attacking the ship. And by the time we were evacuated, Eliot Boyard adds, they were no longer around.

A yacht sank off the coast of Portugal. Everyone has been evacuated

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