Tri City is under construction.  A new residential property in the coastal belt

32 percent progress has been made on the construction of the estate. The first residents will receive the keys in the first quarter of 2024 at the latest.

In the Tri-City Under Construction series, we regularly visit construction sites to document how significant space has changed in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. We recently reported on how the ECS environment is changing at Śródmieście in Gdańsk. This time we show changes in the Gdansk coastal belt, where in the Mujahideen. black court New apartment complex blocks is growing.

In the place where residential buildings are being built A wide street lined with treesNot long ago, the Dal Hotel was surrounded by yellow one-story buildings where many small businesses were headquartered.

In October 2020, the hotel and part of the barracks disappeared from the face of the earth. The responsibility for the demolition fell on the shoulders of the new owner – Sea Park, whose shareholders are developers from Tri-City: PB Górski, RWS Investment Group and Intuo.

The plot of land located just a few hundred meters from the beach in Gdansk was designed Multifunctional buildings, mainly residential. Construction started at the end of 2021 according to the design of the Stalprojekt studio.

A view of the bay for every resident

At this stage of construction, the concrete blocks that define the outline of the new residential area are already visible. The building permit covers the construction of seven buildings in two phases. The first of them is under construction, and the third is planned – in the immediate vicinity of the Rezydencja Marina residential estate, which was built until 2011.

All three buildings currently under construction will have 13 floors above ground and will be located in a communal garage hall. The most advanced building in construction stands exactly where the Dal Hotel used to be. It will be built here 205 apartments and 246 parking spaces.

The smallest building on the same street would also be twelve stories high, but the number of floors would be less. Due to the higher internal elevation and best views, it will only have 21 units – Apartments. There are only two apartments on one floor and one apartment on the upper floors.

On all rooftops there will be green terraces available to all residents. Another green space available only to residents will be created between the buildings being built closer to the street, above the first floor. Under it, a fitness center is planned, which will be available to residents of the investment.

Between the first and second phase buildings, there will be a fully pedestrian walkway (garage entrances are planned on the outskirts of the property). According to the idea, it will be a “living” part of the estate, and there will be a place for greenery, small architecture, as well as gastronomic space gardens that will make themselves at home on the ground floors.

They are building faster than expected

According to the schedule, the first-stage buildings will be commissioned in the first quarter, the third quarter of 2024, and the first quarter of 2025. But Marcin Podlewski, construction manager from PB Górski, based on the progress of the works, expects acceptance to be earlier than planned. Due to the high water table, the largest reserve in the table was for earthworks, but this was carried out without major complications.

The drilling casing was made of 228 piles with a diameter of 500 mm. Its total length is more than five kilometers. The casing and bottom of the pits were initially sealed with soil concrete technology, which allowed to significantly reduce the amount of incoming water and isolate the underground parts of the building – says Marcin Podlewski. – The seal allows about 80-90 percent flow stoppage. underground water. We had to pump out the rest. This continued until the weight of the building equaled the buoyancy of the water, that is, until the roof was erected above the ground floor.

What would the green road look like?  We have met the officials' expectationsWhat would the green road look like? We have met the officials’ expectations

Under the buildings there are two tiers of garage halls, and the lower hall is located at the groundwater level – this best demonstrates the level of groundwater in this place.

– As of today, construction progress is 32 percent. Work is underway on the structure in two buildings, and in the building whose construction is the most advanced, partition walls are already being built in the apartments, aluminum window joinery has been installed and the walls have been plastered – says Marcin Podlewski.

Real estate

investment map

investment map

Are you interested in the site? Check our map of residential and office investments as properties are currently being sold from the main market.

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