Three railway tunnels were dug under Lodz, two of which still exist. Here is a video of the chamber being dug.

The PKP PLK investment of around PLN 2 billion aims to connect the Łódź Fabryczna station with Kaliski and Żabieniec. The cross-city tunnel will consist of five lines – a double-track tunnel, which Katarzyna is digging, and four single-track tunnels, which are the smaller Faustina task.

We recently reported that a major phase of investment had begun, the construction of the main tunnel under Łódź city centre, which is full of residential houses, many of which are over 100 years old and had to be reinforced.

On Friday (June 28), Faustina finished drilling the third of four threadsas can be seen from the above report of the contractor (PBDiM Mińsk Mazowiecki) from the construction site. You can see in it (it is worth scrolling through the first few minutes) how slowly the tunnel tunnel from the direction of Zgierz to the station room of Lodz Kozynie is breaking through.

The rest of the article is below the video

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The tunnel mentioned at the CPK conference

After a technological break, during which the TBM “Faustyna” was armored. He will head west and begin his final task, which is digging the fourth single-lane tunnelThe machine will cover approximately 700 metres to the place near Al. Onia and May. Srebrzyńska, where the tunnel will end and head to the surface towards the Łódź Kaliska station.

– In the Lodz Kozny station cabin we select the ground at the lowest level of the station. The so-called “Faustyna” cradle, where it will stop after digging the third single-track tunnel – explains Rafael Wilgosiak from the press team of PKP PLK in an interview with PAP.

Polskie representative Linie Kolejowe said that the date of completion of the entire investment and the start of tests and acceptance is scheduled for June 2026. In the same year, but according to the schedule in effect from December, the first trains are scheduled to run along the subway route.. Let us add that three new stations will be built on the tunnel route: Kozeny, Polesie and Schroedmiesee.

However, as part of the railway programme to Giga Airport in Parano, A second large-scale parallel tunnel will be built near Łódź for long-distance and high-speed rail connections. Preparations are being made for the physical construction of a high-speed railway line near the provincial capital. Lodz.

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