How to use Viplay Technical Issues subscription number for customers' financial results in 2022

Viaplay At the end of March, it had 4.783 million subscribers, down 52 percent. over a year ago. I made up for it 3.575 million customers in the Nordic countries and Iceland, where the platform has been operating for several years, and 1.208 million in other markets.

Viaplay overtook Scandinavia last spring. It first appeared in the Baltic states, in August last year. In Poland, at the end of the year in the USA (does not offer sports broadcasts there, only series and films), and at the beginning of March of this year. in the Netherlands.

In the first quarter, the platform generated a net profit of 778 thousand. Subscribers, of whom are 117 thousand. In Scandinavia, 661 thousand. in other countries. in the report Nenet group It was reported that it mainly contributed to growth outside Scandinavia The launch of the platform in the Netherlands, where at the end of March there were most of the service’s 1.208 million customers in overseas markets.

This means that Viaplay in Poland had less than 600 thousand. Users who pay. For comparison, at the end of September last year. The platform outside Scandinavia had 286 thousand. common, and at the end of December – 547 thousand. In both outcomes, the vast majority of customers were from Poland.

Viaplay in Poland since the fall of last year. It shows, among others the German Football League, European League and Conference League, NHL ice hockey competitions and tear competitions. In December, it acquired the exclusive broadcast of KSW, in August of this year. The Premier League football show will start, and next spring – Formula 1.

Anders Jensen, President of the NENT Group confirmed this In the first quarter, 13 original non-sports productions appeared on the platform and throughout the year. There will be more than 70 of these titles.

29 percent more with Viaplay

Viaplay is the largest and fastest growing business segment of the NENT Group. In the first quarter, revenue from the platform increased 28.7% year-over-year. up to 1.302 billion Swedish kronor.

Revenue from television subscriptions and production services increased 3.1%. to 1.146 billion kroner, and from advertising – by 2 percent. It amounts to 876 million CZK. In organic terms, advertising revenue decreased by 1%, incl. In connection with the Winter Olympics, which were broadcast by competing broadcasters, demand fell after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Higher profit thanks to court settlement

NENT Group’s total revenue increased 11.5 percent last quarter. To CZK 3.324 billion, organic growth was 9.9%.

The company’s profitability was significantly increased by 595 million Swedish kronor obtained as part of a court settlement with Danish radio station TV 2. As a result, the operating profit increased from CZK 210 to CZK 602 million (without this adjustment it would have been 6 million CZK).

On the other hand, the net profit of the NENT group increased from 145 to 483 million kroner.

“The annual increase in operating profitability has been achieved in Scandinavia despite continued investment in original production and new sports rights,” said Anders Jensen.

Losses related to international expansion were in line with our expectations. He added that our expectations for the full year remain unchanged. Note that Viaplay’s entry into new markets will cause the company’s profitability to decline, but it will increase significantly next year.

Viaplay coming soon to Great Britain and Germany

In the fall of last year, the nenet group Viaplay has announced that Viaplay will be available in the UK, Germany, Canada, Austria and Switzerland by the end of 2023. As a result, it will be available in 16 countries.

At the same time, concern raised Viaplay’s business goals for the coming years. The number of subscribers that the platform will achieve by the end of 2025 has been increased from about 10.5 million to about 12 million, and subscribers outside Scandinavia – from about 4.5 million to about 6 million.

At the general meeting in mid-May NENT Group shareholders will vote to change the company name to Viaplay. The new name is to emphasize the international development of the concern.

recently company Announced the opening of a technology center in Barcelona to support its expansion into new markets.

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