December 1, 2022


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Transportation costs are an increasing obstacle.  Poles are looking for savings during the holidays

Transportation costs are an increasing obstacle. Poles are looking for savings during the holidays

57 percent of Poles changed their vacation plans, and 21 percent have given up on any trip at all – Refers to the current consumer case research conducted by GFK. Seems to be the biggest problem Gasoline price. The percentage of concern about this factor was 81%. Respondents – more than in the case of electricity, food or gas.

However, the market hates emptiness, and where one person loses, another person benefits. Alternative modes of transportation are common. Car use is booming, that is, the transportation of passengers on a particular route by private persons. The BlaBlaCar platform itself noticed 62% increase in the number of trips compared to last year. This is impressive, even when we consider limited mobility as restrictions ease. In the case of bus trips, the percentage is already 170 percent.

– The ever-increasing demand for joint flights shows that transportation costs have become a significant obstacle for the Poles – says Olgerd Szenko, country director of BlaBlaCar Polska.

It is enough to note a certain dependence: The number of offers on BlaBlaCar changes according to the fuel price. Moreover, the number of new registrations increased by 40% in the first six months of this year. Given the fact that the platform has been with us for several years, this is at least surprising.

The higher the price of fuel, the more willingly sharing the car

Trips can be counted in the tens of thousands. The most popular holiday routes on the platform are Warsaw – Trieste (93.44 thousand), then Wroclaw (86.18 thousand), Krakow (69.12 thousand), Zakopane (20.94 thousand) and Olsztyn (17.29 thousand). However, you can see the holiday trend – in the past two months Interest in Tri-City increased by 45%.

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So how much can you save?

Consider the Warsaw-Wroclaw route, where the annual increase in interest is 31%! The route is approximately 350 km long. With a fuel price of PLN 7.39 per liter and an average fuel consumption of 8 l / 100 km, the cost of the trip is about PLN 210 (about PLN 60 per 100 km). Finding only two other passengers will significantly reduce the cost of the trip. From a broader perspective, when we travel twice a month (in both directions), we’re really talking about savings In the range of several thousand.

The growing interest in carpooling does not only apply to Poland or Europe. Even nearly 22 percent think so. Drivers in the United States, where the average price of gasoline Exceeded 5.8 PLN per liter ($5 per gallon). More, because nearly 40 percent. Drivers are looking for savings in a better insurance offer. Every fifth respondent is ready to sell a car.

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