Wiele gmin na hiszpańskim wybrzeżu wprowadziło własne normy korzystania z plaży. Niektóre z tych przepisów wydają się kontrowersyjne, a grożące kary grzywny w przypadku ich łamania nieproporcjonalnie wysokie – ocenił dziennik „ABC”, który przedstawił najważniejsze nowe zasady.

Many municipalities on the Spanish coast have introduced their own standards for beach use. Some of these provisions appear controversial and the risk of fines if violated is disproportionately high, assessed the daily ABC, which presented the most important new rules.

Red flag swimming in many coastal cities is punishable by a fine of 100 to . 1500 euros.

There are no general laws regarding dogs on beaches but Where it is forbidden to bring them, a fine of up to 3,000 PLN is paid for breaching the ban. euro. In Ibiza, you can pay $3,000 to take your dog to the beach without a leash. Euro sanctions.

There are 540 “smoking-free” beaches nationwide; There is a fine of 450 euros for smoking a cigarette. The interpretation of this rule is that smoking can be annoying to others, especially if there are a lot of people on the beach. Besides, smokers usually leave cigarette butts in the sand.

There is also a fine for listening to music that is too loud, and it can be fine as well 700 EUR. Several beaches in Cantabria, Murcia and Valencia have adopted such a ruling.

Camping is prohibited on beaches throughout Spain. Not doing this can cost anywhere from €40 per square meter illegally occupied for overnight stays, and €50-150 for daytime camping. In Murcia, there is a fine of 1,500 euros for parking a car in the same place for more than three days.

It is not allowed to reserve places on the beaches by placing umbrellas on them from the morning in the absence of tourists. For this, there is a fine from 300 to 750 euros.

No fire is allowed on any beach, in Elche you can pay for this crime from 300 to 1500 euros.

Banned across the country bathing in beach baths with soap and shampoo; Breaking the rule costs 750 euros.

Some games and activities are not allowed on the beaches, for example, some areas of Tenerife apply It is forbidden to build sandcastles or make trenches. Such games are subject to a fine of up to 500 euros.

However, the most controversial ban is in question peeing in the sea. In Vigo, if a physiological need is satisfied at sea or in sand, a fine is imposed 750 euros. Many people ask themselves: who and how will control swimmers so that they do not urinate in the sea? – Notes “ABC”. So far, the local authorities have not clarified this issue.

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