Content that resists gay ladybird.

“Dot TV” It is a TV guide magazine, published on commission Jeronimo MartinsPedronka is not her publisher, but Edipresse Collections – Company Edipresse Holdings. In the last issue of the magazine there was a full-page advertisement of patches, which – as promised – to enhance erections.

The ad text is titled “Don’t let it stand behind your back They called you “gay”!It tells the story of (probably invented) Zygmunt Banasiuk, a man in his forties who had erectile dysfunction. Disappointed with his nervousness, his partner had to ask him if he was (so) gay. It also spread among her friends – as we read in the ad – that Zygmont was “looking for cover because he couldn’t stand it”, and his colleagues linked to these rumours. accusing him of being “a homosexual”.

A separate issue is the derogatory statements about women in the text, such as: “sexy girls in the cabaret”, “who are waiting to have sex”, “chicks”, who “hold on” to the physical protagonist and ask him to “play with them” or ” Cute blondes are waiting to have sex with them.” “The more men there are satisfy the child’s thirstthe more beautiful the world ”- says the conclusion of the text.

Pedronka pulls the edition … was the first to write about the case. “Someone was assigned to write a ‘male script’, I think, and chose a toxic masculinity they presume. call women and girlsthat you get. Terrible thing ”- says the service journalist, adding:“ But I was so surprised No one has a problem posting This ad. “

We asked the publisher of “Kropki TV” Edipresse for the ad script but received no response. Pedronka, in turn, told us about it On Friday I pulled the full version of the magazine from their stores and sent a statement. – Pedronka Network certainly distances itself from homophobic content that infringes on dignity. At the same time, we confirm that we are not the publisher of and are not responsible for the content posted by other advertisers approved by the publisher – we read it.

…and the publisher apologizes

On Friday, an apology from the editorial board of “Kropka TV” appeared on the magazine’s Facebook account. We want you all I apologize with all my heart To post an ad with content in the latest issue of Kropka TV Unequivocally homophobic. As an editorial office since then We uphold respect for human dignity We condemn any posting of infringing content.”

The editors further admit: “Our in-house content control systems for advertisers, which have worked flawlessly in the last 16 years of publishing the weekly, have failed. This should not have happened. Apologies are also directed to Pedroncka.

“Kropka TV” has been published since 2006. In 2019, the magazine was relaunched. The publisher updated the graphics and logo weekly, and expanded the “stars” and “tips” sections. A second Hills series has also been added: “Kitchen and Point,” containing recipes sent by readers and editorial nutrition advice. Both columns also contain promotional and advertising content for the Pedronka Network.

In the second quarter of this year. Sales in Biedronka stores, calculated in PLN, increased year on year by 26.9%, and by comparison (without the effect of opening new outlets) – by 22.5%. The network recorded 4.45 billion euros in quarterly revenue and 8.29 billion euros in the entire six months.

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