Transfer data like never before.  Scientists set a record for efficiency

This is an important achievement, especially given the importance of data centers today. After all, humanity generates huge amounts of information that must be transmitted and stored. Thanks to centralized units, this data can be controlled and managed globally.

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One of the indispensable elements responsible for the functioning of the above-mentioned infrastructure is communications between data centers. They are responsible for transferring data between different components within and between centers. This is when digital to analog converters come into play to maintain an efficient and fast connection.

Until now, producing high-resolution DACs has remained a problem. As stated by the authors of the publication published in: Association for Advanced Photonics, they were able to handle this issue. They explain that the combination of non-linear pre-distortion technology led to their success. The latter is based on a table with improved digital resolution.

The data transmission conducted by the Chinese scientists used improved digital-to-analog converters, also called DACs

Under these conditions, members of the research team raised data rates to levels never seen before. The authors of this success add that significant progress has been made in data center interconnection technology, and the data collected indicates the feasibility of supporting next-generation Ethernet links that provide speeds of up to 800 Gigabit. In the long term, the result is said to be 1.6 Tb Ethernet.

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Moreover, the results obtained, i.e. record high data transfer efficiency, were recorded using the cheapest digital-to-analog converters. The progress will not only benefit data centers, but should also bring benefits in many other areas, such as the development of 6G technology and passive optical networks. We therefore believe that the achievements of Chinese scientists should have a wide-ranging impact on what the future of communications on Earth will look like.

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