Deadpool & Wolverine – We know if Taylor Swift will appear in the movie.  The new posters are pure trolling

Taylor Swift It will not appear in the movie Deadpool Wolverine – This turn of events was confirmed by journalists from the prestigious Entertainment Weekly magazine. Although speculation has been circulating online for several months about the possibility of the most famous singer in the world currently participating in the MCU production, which especially intensified after a joint trip to an NFL game with Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively and Hugh Jackman, Swift will not… Depict a comic book character in their on-screen history, or any other character.

This already confirmed information came right after the publication of a series of new posters for the film Deadpool Wolverine. Interestingly, one of them – the IMAX one – appears to be trolling Taylor Swift fans. In the drawings we see the title characters holding hands and wearing so-called friendship bracelets, very similar to those worn by the singer’s fans during her concert tour. Tour of the ages. Take a look for yourself:

Deadpool Wolverine – New MCU movie posters

CGI in Marvel – the worst made MCU characters

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Deadpool Wolverine
Lady Deadpool

film Deadpool Wolverine It will premiere in Polish cinemas on July 26.

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