March 28, 2023


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Training for Eisenbichler and Forfang

Markus Eisenbichler won the first pre-opening training series at this year’s Raw Air Championships on the Holmenkollbakken hill (HS134) in Oslo. The representative of Germany climbed to a distance of 131 metres. The best of the Poles, Kamil Stoch (125m) finished twelfth. In the second round, the Norwegian Johan Andre Furfang was the winner (134m), Daud Kobacki (128m) and Kamil Stoch (126m) sixth and seventh in the top ten.

Markus Eisenbichler turned out to be the best in the first training series. The representative of Germany rose to 131 meters and overtook the four Norwegians – Robert Johansson (132.5 meters), Christopher Eriksen Sundal (124.5 meters), Halvor Egner Granrod (126.5 meters) and Johan Andre Furfang (126 meters).

Stefan Kraft (127.5m) is classified sixth. Seventh was Karl Geiger (125.5m), eighth was Domaine Brevc (122.5m), ninth was Timi Zajc (123.5m), tenth – Michael Haybock (124m).

Kamil Stoch turned out to be the best of the Polish group of representatives, who after a 125-meter jump were ranked twelfth. The eighteenth place was taken by Alexander Zneczkoz (121.5m), the thirtieth place was taken by Jacob Wollney (122.5m), the thirty-second place was taken by Bowie Wysek (116m), the forty-first place was taken by Daud Kobacki (111m). ), and the fifty-third place for Piotr Shea (103m).

The first practice was played from bar 13, 11, 10 and 9.

The second round belonged to Johann Andre Furfang (134m). And it turned out that the Norwegian was 3.6 points better than Stefan Kraft (128.5 m). Third was Robert Johansson (131m), ahead of Marcus Eisenbichler (126m) and Daniel Andre Tandy (129m).

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Daoud Kobacki (128m) ranked sixth, while Kamel Stoch (126m) ranked seventh. The Poles followed Christopher Eriksen Sundal (127.5m), Ryoyo Kobayashi (125m) and Timie Zajc (124m). Halvor Egner Granrod opened the second of the top ten (123.5m).

Alexander Znisezol was 19th with a result of 120.5 metres. Twenty-sixth place went to ex aequo Pawe Wąsek (117.5m) and Piotr Żyla (118m). The forty-seventh was Jacob Walney (107 m).

The second training series was conducted from the tenth and ninth launch pads.

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