Tragedy in Liverpool.  They were supposed to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but they got drowned in the car

The Guardian reported that Eileen and Philip Marco were found inside a submerged black Mercedes 180 on Queen’s Drive between North Mossley Hill Road and Dovedale Road on Saturday evening.

Heavy rain fell on Liverpool that day. 32 mm of rain fell on the city within an hour. Some roads turned into rivers for some time, the lower parts of them for example. Under the bridges, flooded. Under one of the bridges was the car of the couple, who were to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary next week.

Because of the high water level, the car could not leave the bridge. The BBC reported that local residents were trying to free those trapped in the car. The couple was taken to hospital, but their lives were not saved.

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A couple drowned in the car. “They were together until the end.”

The family of the 75-year-old and the 77-year-old posted a farewell message to their relatives. “We are devastated and devastated by the sudden loss of Ellen and Philip Marco. They have been loving parents of four children and ten grandchildren. The family has come from America and Australia to mourn their loss.”

“They were due to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary next week, and our only solace is knowing they were together until the end,” the family wrote in a statement.

Residents of the flooded street, interviewed by BBC correspondents, claim that during heavy rains, the unlucky road under the bridge remained a problem for at least several decades. The water gathered there, and, according to the accounts of the residents, almost led to a tragedy more than once.

sources: The Guardian, BBC

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