United States, Florida: White rhinoceros killed.  15 bullets were used.  The animal was supposed to be aggressive

employees Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission This week I reported that the accident occurred on September 19, 2022 at Wild Florida, a safari park in that US state. There you can see wild animals up close, and ride special jeeps.

The organization’s report says that investigators were called to the scene about a week later, but not because of a decision by park authorities, but because of an anonymous denunciation. It stated that a rhino had been shot, and described the incident as “unnecessary” and “bullying”.

As reported by CBS News, the animal arrived at the park on September 18th. The park owner reportedly told investigators he was acting out “too wild”. They are tied to a trailer and then released into an enclosed area inside an enclosure to other members of the species. This procedure was to help him adjust.

However, he made his first escape attempt within the first 24 hours. He was supposed to walk over the barrier separating it and reach the open field. Then he made his way through the fence and wires surrounding the space. Eventually he calmed down and rested in the main rhino territory. The next day, the park was even closed to facilitate the adaptation process.

However, the morning did not bring good news. The animal was still imposing the fence. The park staff tried to strengthen it. They decided that if there was another attempt to break the siege, they would shoot the individual to safety.

So it happened. After the chase, he was hit 15 times. He fell last.

The park issued a special statement.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have to deal with unexpected situations and Circumstances that require an immediate response to ensure the continued safety of visitorsand staff, neighbors and most importantly the animals in our care.

White rhinos are known to be sociable and peaceful. He said they respond to threats by fleeing Dr. Joseph OkoriWWF Rhino Program Director and Veterinarian.

White rhinoceros It is the largest living mammal of the rhinoceros family. Endangered due to hunting. It has two target horns for hunters.

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