The Russians hid in the tank.  "Come on, pigs" - O2

Every day of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainians show that they are not afraid of the invader and will not give up. Another video from the front circulated on the Internet, proving that the courage of Ukrainians and the will to fight in hand-to-hand combat terrifies the enemy.

The Russians hid in the tank

The video, which was first posted on Reddit, shows a Ukrainian soldier standing on a Russian tank. You can see the characteristic “Z” sign on the car, which has already become a symbol of Russian aggression.

The recording shows that Putin’s soldiers hid in the tank for fear of their opponents. A Ukrainian soldier tried to lure them out. He was holding a grenade in his hand as he waved it over the hatch.

“Good morning, Russian pig soldier,” he said in German, kicking the hatch. He may have used this language in reference to earlier words of Vladimir Putin. The dictator argued that the “special military operation” in Ukraine was intended to “discredit” that country.

However, the Russians did not respond to the warnings of the Ukrainians. At the end of the video, the soldier said: “Get out and I’ll save you.” He does not know what the end of this situation will be as the video ends at this point.

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