December 1, 2022


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W zdewastowanym i przejętym przez Rosjan ukraińskim Mariupolu, ​w piwnicy jednego z zawalonych bloków znaleziono ponad 200 zwłok w zaawansowanym stanie rozkładu.

More than 200 bodies are in the basement. Shocking discovery in Mariupol

In the destroyed Ukrainian Mariupol, taken over by the Russians, in the basement of one of the collapsed blocks, more than 200 bodies were found in a well-developed state of decomposition.

This was announced by the advisor to the mayor of this Russian-occupied city, Petro Andryushenko.

“During the demolition of the ruins of the building (…), more than 200 bodies were found in the basement, they were killed under the rubblewho are in an advanced state of decay,” Andryushenko wrote in the Telegram Communicator.

According to him, due to the refusal of local residents to participate in the collection and packaging of the bodies of the victims, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations left the site.

“The dead bodies were at the site, and almost the entire estate could smell through the partially disintegrated ruins.” – Andriyushenko’s description.

Andryushenko added that the process of burying the bodies from the backyards of the blocks “actually stopped” in the city. To “officially” bury the body for free, you have to wait in line, take the body to the “morgue” on your own, report that the body has just been found or agree to a video recording in which it must be mentioned that the victim died at the hands of the Ukrainian army – reported the mayor’s advisor.

As a result, he added, in the “improvised mortuary” next to a metro store on the street, a large number of bodies were in bags. Andryushenko wrote that the city turned into one large cemetery.

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Every day of the war brings new information about Russian crimes in Ukraine. In Mykolaiv Oblast in southern Ukraine, the Russians directed a queue to evacuate civilians to the mined area, and the survivors were shot – The Ukrainian Operations Command “South” reported from Monday to Tuesday.

The command wrote in a statement that during the movements of Ukrainian troops in the Mykolaiv Oblast towards the Kherson region, several civilian cars, as well as mutilated bodies, were found.

As added, the damage to the cars most likely refers to the explosion of cars in the mined area and the bombing of the column.

While trying to evacuate the local population – the Assyrians – the Russians first showed them the mined area as an allowed route, and then shot the survivors of the explosion. Among the dead were two children.