Game is the area of entertainment, and no one is willing to abandon the area of entertainment in any sense. We are living in a fast-paced world where we are too busy doing our daily work. Thus we seek entertainment on the weekends more than anything else.

Games are a very prominent process of entertainment that we can also manage by staying at home on the weekends. So, we love to play, and gamers have a passion for games, and they love to be in their gaming world.

Whatever the situation is, and no matter which type of gaming fan we are, the area of entertainment is always consistent. The distinction between a gamer and an entertainment seeker is very thin, and most of the time, we play only for entertainment purposes.

This particular notion is going to be changed as the Town Star has entered the gaming world. Now we can enjoy farming on our devices and also can earn from the game.

What Is Play-To-Earn?

Playing to earn is a totally new concept in the market, and you cannot ignore the aspects of Gala Games. This is a pioneer of play to earn concern, and millions of gamers are getting profit out of it.

Previously online games had the restriction on keeping the assets of players safe from their own conditions. For instance, if you have some assets in a particular game, you might be able to use those in the gaming process but cannot transfer or deal with others outside the game.

This annoying feature is diminished through the involvement of the Gala Games. People can enjoy Town Star and collect their own assets and also win super prizes. With all the assets that they have earned so far, they will be able to use them with other players. With the help of the bitcoin loophole, they will also be able to manage and transfer their game assets with the currency exchange process.

What Is A Town Star?

Like the other games of Gala, Town Star is also another play-to-earn game. Spider Tank, Echoes of Empire, and Mirandus are the previous Gala games that have the same kind of facility.

Here with Town Star, you will be able to build Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) empire and earn town coins to generate money. There are basically two ways to earn money. One is to accomplish the mission, and another is to use the NFT items for warning town coins.

The top 400 players will be able to win the gala tokens. The hay-day concept of this game has manipulated many creative minds to pick their best and build their unique farm and town.

The main motto of this game is to play to build, build to win, and win to earn.

How To Play Town Star?

Playing Town Star depends on the maps and characters, and game mechanisms so far. Let’s find out the key aspects of each.

1. Game World

The interesting part is that the map of this game resembles the real world. There are three sections, including forests, deserts, and plains.

In between these three sections, you can build your own imaginative world.

2. Game Characters

All the characters in the game come in the form of workers. There are three main types of workers you will find in Town Star. For instance, the farmer, the lumberjack, and the rancher.

3. Game Machines 

This game works with the real-world mechanism where the development of a place depends on money. So, if you want to stay ahead in the game, you will have to spend money. The mechanism is simple, and if you want to stay ahead, you will need a proper strategy like ‘Wool Rush.’

How To Earn Money Through Town Star?

By playing with NFTs, you will be able to earn Town coins. The process will be easy if you have the proper strategies. By meeting the following requirements, the players can earn town rewards.

  • Complete the daily challenges to earn rewards.
  • Get a gala coin by placing yourself at the top list.
  • Increase your efficiency with the seasonal pass.

It’s Time To Get Started.

The time has come to start your earning process with the very popular Town Star game. There is no need to rush but think properly and make wise decisions. When you enter the game, make sure that you have read all the instructions carefully and manage your process of gaming according to that.

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