Touching drama with Robin Wright, available on Netflix

An intriguing 2021 drama directed by Robin Wright is featured on popular VOD site Netflix. She also played the main role in the picture, which some consider touching.

Viewers thirsty for more serious cinema should turn their attention to the Netflix offering, because the platform has released a poignant drama from 2021, in which Robin Wright plays the lead role.

She is also responsible for directing this nearly hour and a half long work.”LandAccording to IMDb, the film received 14 thousand reviews, with an average rating of 6.7 out of 10. This seems to be enough to draw attention to it during the next showing, especially since the reviewers are also very positive.

Ard (2021) is a well-received movie

Just visit Rotten Tomatoes for some info on the subject. According to the site, the average out of 186 reviews is 69%, so it’s not too bad. Viewers gave it a score of 84%, which is certainly higher than the IMDb rating, but it should be noted that the number of user ratings varies quite monotonously between both platforms.

According to Canon y Mus (via IMDb), the 2021 film “Land” tells the story of Edee, who retreats to the Rocky Mountains due to the tragedy of his life, leaving civilization far behind. He must find himself again after a local fisherman.”He saved her from the grip of death“.

Aside from Robin Wright, the screen also includes: Demián Bichir, Sarah Dawn Pledge, Kim Dickens, Warren Christie, Finley Wojtak-Hissong, Brad Leland, Dave Trimble and Barb Mitchell.

What do you think of “Earth”? Did you have fun watching this movie? Did it move you too? It’s easy to find opinions online that the painting is a moving work that might make you cry. Do you agree with this thesis? I am waiting for your opinion!

sources: UpflixIMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

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