You aren’t alone if you’ve ever found yourself thinking about someone and wanting to contact them, only to discover that you no longer have their current phone number. As people move and change phone numbers, it can be easy for them to lose touch with former friends and colleagues. And it is also really easy to forget to update everyone with new contact details, especially if you haven’t spoken to certain people in a while.

There are ways to check who is calling you when an unknown number appears on your caller ID—for example, you can head to PhoneHistory. But when you want to find someone’s phone number so you can be the one making the call, consider trying one or more of the tips below.

Try a People Search Website

A people search website is a great place to start when you want to find someone’s phone number. You can use this type of resource really easily on your computer or smartphone, and it might be the only step that you need to take to get the information that you are looking for. Get started by going to Nuwber and simply typing the person’s full name in the search box to see what information appears. You might be able to get their address and phone number quickly and easily. Just bear in mind that if the person has a common name, you will definitely want to carefully sort through the results to be sure you get accurate information on the specific individual you are searching for.

See What Google Shows You

Another thing you can do is perform a basic search on a search engine like Google. Within the results, you may discover several people search websites, but there might also be various other results, such as the individual’s social media pages, personal website, work-related information, personal blog, and more. Basically, these results might direct you to the individual so you can contact them via email or a social media platform. Or, you might be able to find a resource that will allow you to look up their phone number so you can call them instead.

Connect with Them on Social Media

As mentioned above, when you perform a search online using a person’s full name, you might come across their social media pages. This is yet another great way to get in touch with them, as you can connect with them online and ask them for their latest phone number. But if you want to skip the search engine step, you can head straight to the social media platform that you think the person would be on, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any of the other platforms that are popular these days. You can type their name into the search box and, again, sort through the results to locate the specific person you are looking for. Then, request to connect or send them a direct message to reconnect.

Ask Mutual Friends

Finally, it might be necessary to search for mutual friends that you can connect with and then ask for the person’s contact details. You can do this on social media, especially if you are unable to find the individual’s account—not everyone has accounts on social media, after all. And, once again, you can just send a direct message and request to connect to see if you can get the info you need this way.

Basically, thanks to the internet, you have multiple methods that you can use to find someone’s phone number, so there is no reason to delay getting in touch with the person you care about.

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