(Vancouver) More than 1,400 properties in the Caribbean region of British Columbia are on evacuation orders.

The Caribbean Regional District Order covers about 1,000 properties 100 miles south of the house and 482 properties in the Ganim Lake area, warning residents of the “immediate danger” of wildfires.

The 100-mile House District, about 200 kilometers north of Kamloops, is under evacuation warning, meaning residents will have to leave their homes without any prior notice.

Evacuation warnings have been issued to the community of Cache Creek and two properties on Momich Lake, urging residents to pack all essential items if the warning becomes an evacuation order.

This is because much of central and eastern British Columbia is subject to special weather forecasts for smoky skies.

Environment Canada has released a special air quality report on smoke over the next few days in areas extending from the interior of British Columbia to the border of Yukon and Alberta.

The wildfires forced the closure of the province’s major highways, including Route 97 north of the 70’s mansion and Route 20 in Lake Anahim.

Photo by David Swanson, REUTERS

Firefighters are trying to put it out River fire Near Yosemite National Park

More than 1,760 square kilometers of land have been burned since the wildfire season began on the 1stThere is April. According to a report by the Forest Fire Department, more than 98% of the area’s wildfires came from wildfires and are currently being fought by teams.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has convened as part of a government event response committee to discuss arrangements the federal government could make in the wake of the wildfire situation in British Columbia. The government said in a statement that its cabinet ministers, who are part of Justin Trudeau and the group, had agreed to closely monitor the situation and expedite any requests for help from their provincial counterparts.

With Agencies France-Press

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