Top valuation problem.  The government is waiting for data from the Central Statistical Office.  Where will he get the extra money from?

The amount of indexing in the next year is still an open question. In the budget, the government planned to increase pensions for the elderly by 13.8 percent, but unofficial information shows that it could reach 15 percent.

To declare a higher index, the referees must be overlaid by the data of the Central Statistical Office. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, inflation or wage growth should be higher than the currently expected indicator.

43 billion PLN increments for the elderly. The government needs money

The government has no room for bragging, says Anthony Kulik of the Pensions Institute in an interview with SE live, it must rely on data and what the Central Statistical Office announces. The announcements currently indicate that the index will reach 13.9 percent. The government is preparing for such increases.

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A higher valuation means that the government must look for billions of additional zlotys for pensions. The rate of increase in the amount increased by 13.8 percent. The indicator concerns spending of about PLN 40 billion. Dr. Kollek reminds that the indexation of pensions is an obligation resulting from regulations and the government must find the money to implement it.

– The question is whether it will actually finance the indexation from budget revenues that have already been planned, or whether what we hear about savings in individual ministries will be used to finance this missing amount. We are talking about a few billion zlotys that must be financed. So the indicator will not be at the level of PLN 40 billion, but even PLN 43 billion, and this is a cost that we will have to bear next year, – explains the expert at Super Express.

Inflation peak in early 2023 will exceed 20 percent?

Valuation will be conducted on March 1, 2023. The increases will be in amount and percentage, but the pensioners will receive no less than PLN 250 total (PLN 227.50 per hand). And the lowest pension will rise in 2023 to PLN 1,588.44.

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