Tom Hardy with Gareth Evans, creator of “The Raid.”  When will we finally see 'Havoc' on Netflix?
When Netflix announced its 2024 premiere, many noticed the absence of “Havoc” from the list. When will we see the action film directed by Gareth Evans (“The Raid,” “Gangs of London”) and starring Tom Hardy? A new rumor has just surfaced regarding a potential premiere.

When will we finally see Tom Hardy in 'Ruin'?

It is unclear why the film's release continues to be delayed. Filming wrapped in October 2021. The postponement of the release date may have been due to the tightening that occurred at the beginning of 2023. Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

World of Reel reported this “Havoc” will premiere at the end of 2024. So it is very likely that the film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, which will be held in September. However, it is possible that Netflix will bypass the festival route and simply upload the film to the service.

Are you waiting for the premiere?

What will “ruin” talk about?

We don't know much about the plot of “Ruin.” The events of the film take place after the disaster that ended in a drug deal. A bruised detective must escape the criminal underworld to save a politician's son. Along the way, he discovers a powerful web of corruption and intrigue that links his entire city.

The cast included Tom Hardy, Forest Whitaker, Timothy Olyphant and Jessie Mi Li.

Evans' credits include “The Raid,” “The Raid 2: The Departed,” and “The Apostle,” as well as the “Gangs of London” series.

“Gangs of London” – trailer


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