Tom Hanks intervenes to protect his wife.

Stay away from the beloved Rita Wilson!

Actor Tom Hanks had to intervene a bit aggressively with fans for his taste after dinner at a restaurant in New York on Wednesday evening.

As Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, 34, were leaving the scene, a crowd of fans and photographers rushed towards them to beg for autographs or to keep the scene intact.

However, one of them got a little too close to Wilson, and the 65-year-old woman almost stumbled as they collided.

Without doing one or two, Forrest’s translator intervened between his wife and several quidams, declaring at the very least: “Back the F * chik off!”

“Will you abandon my wife? Really? ” He shouted, before he could be taken away in a pram by his bodyguards.

His fans who are even a little stubborn may try to apologize, Tom Hanks is immobile and has not returned to forgive them.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson had dinner together after attending the screening of the Elvis movie, in which Hanks played Colonel Parker.

They were married in 1988 and have two sons: Set (31) and Truman (25).

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