Tokyo.  The record of conversations with the air traffic control tower was revealed.  They shed new light on the plane collision

The Coast Guard plane that collided with an Airbus 350 passenger jet at Tokyo airport was not allowed to take off, according to records of the captain's conversation with the air traffic control tower released by authorities. In the case of the larger machine, it is known that it received permission to land.

On Wednesday, Japanese authorities published transcripts of conversations between the pilots of the two planes that collided with the air traffic control tower at Tokyo Airport on Tuesday. It turned out that the Airbus 350 passenger had permission to land, but the second plane was not allowed to take off.

– We reveal these objective materials. I believe this will be part of the evidence that will help investigate the causes of the accident,” Tetsu Saito, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, said during a press conference. He indicated that he could not provide further details at this stage of the investigation. Copies of the transcripts were provided to the media.

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New facts about plane crashes

Outgoing call records show the captain of the Coast Guard plane was instructed to taxi to a stop near the runway. A Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau official told reporters that the text did not indicate in any way that the plane had permission to take off. However, she found herself on the runway.

According to a Coast Guard official, the captain himself, who was seriously injured in the tragedy, stated that he had this approval and that was why he was on board the ship. But the official confirmed that the text of the conversation did not indicate this.

Conversations between the pilots and controllers of the Airbus 350 show that they were given permission to land. Japan Airlines earlier confirmed this in a statement on Wednesday, saying the pilot understood and repeated the statement from the controller and continued to land according to procedures.

The investigation began

Earlier on Wednesday, Japanese media reported that police were investigating whether human negligence might have caused the plane collision. The police themselves did not confirm these reports, but their spokesman said that officers were checking the runway at the airport, would conduct inquiries, and had begun searching the burning wreckage of the Airbus. The Japan Transportation Safety Board (JTSB) has also launched a separate investigation into the matter.

After landing on the runway, the Airbus A350-900 passenger plane collided with a Coast Guard aircraft. All 379 passengers and 12 crew members were evacuated, but five people from the second plane did not survive.

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Main image source: Bab/Environmental Protection Agency/Jiji Press//Reuters

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