Former officials of Putin's regime are fleeing Russia.  "The House of Cards is Collapsing"

According to Russian dissident and human rights activist Vladimir Usishkin, many former Russian government officials and KGB employees are now looking for sanctuary abroad. There are even former members of the notorious Wagner group among them, the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel wrote on Monday.

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General Benik: The commander of the Russian forces, known for his brutal methods of combat, has changed

Last Wednesday, two of those fled to France. According to Vladimir Osekzekin, who lives in France, they are “ready to talk about what they experienced in the FSB and the Wagner Group and reveal devastating details.” Next week, the interviews will be published on Oseczkin’s YouTube channel. His organization is working on Element Explanations of corruption and torture by the Russian state.

Putin’s house of cards

– We help those who are ready to testify in court against the Russian regime – says Osekzekin. On October 2, he was approached by a former mercenary, a member of the leadership of the Wagner Group, a special military organization linked to the oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, Putin’s trusted man. On October 9, another person reported his intention to flee Russia.

“As far as we know, these two people have not been in contact with each other,” said the Russian defector and human rights defender.

Greater Poland. Two policemen were injured. They were riding motorcycles until the accident happened

According to him, both refugees arrived in France on the same plane and it is feared that they will be pursued. “The French at first thought that they were both sent by the KGB,” Tagspiegel wrote.

– We had to answer some related questions ourselves. From my point of view, this situation shows that this house of cards Russian President Vladimir Putin They fall apart and those people who were part of the system, these little gears, are now falling out of this mechanism with great fanfare – said Osekzykin.

Former mercenary certificate

According to the head of the NGO, one of the refugees has already obtained permission to enter France and is outside the airport, while the other is still subject to the procedure. Soon after his arrival, the former Wagnerist was to reveal in a detailed video interview what the structure of the mercenary organization looked like and how the oligarch Prigogine “ran this” branch ” Ministry of Defense“.

“He emphasized that it is not a private military company and that the purpose of the activity is not to make money. The Wagner Group is a secret project of the Ministry of Defense,” Tagesspiegel newspaper quoted Tagesspiegel as saying.

According to Vladimir Osekzekin, the former mercenary also reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense supplied the Wagner Group with weapons and clothing, all of which were paid for. income from the Russian Federation. – Ono (Ministry) allocated funds to Yevgeny Prigozhin’s brigades so that he could support this mercenary army, and carry out tasks abroad that the army of the Russian Federation did not want to do – previous mercenary reports.

Peter ZiegartThere will be a training mission for Ukrainians in the European Union. Hungary paused

It is about “the most dangerous, dirtiest and most cruel tasks, including organizing sabotage and fueling local conflicts in different countries.” According to Vladimir Ussikkin, citing the testimony of mercenaries, in Ukraine, after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the Wagner group actively fueled the conflict in the east of the country and supplied the separatists with weapons.

Long waiting list for people waiting for help

The second person who turned to the organization of Vladimir Osekzekin worked in the Ministry of the Interior, then in the Ministry of Defense, and then in the FSB, the Russian counterintelligence.

She was a physician who had access to patient files and communicated regularly with officers from three different special services who were members of the Military Medical Committee. Probably the first former officer of the FSB to say publicly about the heavy losses of the Russian army and the number of people who will be mobilized, Osichkin estimates.

As Tagspiegel wrote, Vladimir Osekzekin’s team is currently in contact with about 30 people who served in Russia’s Federal Prison Service, courts, Prosecutor’s OfficeOr the FSB, the Ministry of the Interior, or the Ministry of Defense. Some are in France, some are in the United States, and some have applied for asylum in Germany. As Vladimir Osekzekin claims, the “line” waiting for help is getting longer.

The article comes from the site Dutch Welle.

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