EnergaCamerimage 2022. A Golden Frog award will be awarded

The EnergaCamerimage International Film Festival in Toruń begins on Saturday and runs until November 19. The program includes, inter alia, meetings with famous directors. As is the case every year, the competition for the Golden Frog award will also be resolved.

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EnergaCamerimage International Film Festival for the Art of Cinematography It is the largest and most famous festival dedicated to the art of cinematographers. For the third time, the main events will be held at the Jordanki Center for Culture and Convention. 30 years ago, the idea to organize this festival was born in Toruń. In 2000-2018, it was held in ód and Bydgoszcz. Two years ago, this event almost happened due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, Energa Camerimage is a technologically advanced event. After 30 years, its creators find it hard to believe Poland’s technological leap and how the festival has developed.

At the Jordanki Culture and Congress Center in Torun, the last preparations are underway for the opening ceremony of the festival.

Interviews with movie stars

During the event, there will be an opportunity to watch festival films and participate in a meeting with the guests. Energa Camerimage will begin with a meeting with director Sam Mendes, who will present his latest film “Empire of Light”. He also directed films such as “Skyfall” and “American Beauty”. After the opening ceremony of the festival, meetings with other movie stars will be held.

Movie fans will also be able to meet Baz Luhrmann, director of the amazing and amazing films such as “Moulin Rouge”, “The Great Gatsby” or “Elvis”.

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The main point of the program is the competition for the Golden Frog award. It has existed since the first release, that is, since 1993. As the organizers explained, the goal of the main competition is “to present feature films in which the image plays a special role in telling a story.” It also draws attention to the creative cooperation of the director and cinematographer, as well as the sensitivity of the creator of the picture.

The program also includes: Polish Film Competition, Student and Technical School Film Competition, Feature Documentary Competition, Cinematography Debut Competition, TV Series Competition and Music Video Competition.

Energa Camerimage is a festival open to all film lovers. The ticket purchased for the show entitles you to participate in the accompanying events. It is worth noting that these exhibitions are also exhibitions at the Center for Contemporary Art.

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