“Titanic”, “The Matrix”, “Pretty Woman”.  They played distinctive movie roles.  How much did they earn?

  • Will Smith received up to $100 million for his participation in the third part of the movie “Men in Black.”
  • Julia Robert received a remuneration of PLN 300 thousand for the film “Pretty Woman”. slot
  • When Colin Farrell was paid $15 million for the film “Alexander,” he said he felt strange when such large sums were transferred to his account.
  • You can find more such stories on the home page of Onet.pl

How do you measure the success of videos? The key issue, of course, is how much a particular production has earned over the years since its premiere. There is another indicator, but it is debatable and unclear, which is sectarianism. Regardless of whether “Titanic”, “The Matrix”, “Pretty Woman”, “Batman”, “Star Wars” or “Pulp Fiction” are cult films for us, these films have already achieved such importance in the history of cinema. .. The actors who starred in the above-mentioned productions did not have to feel the potential hidden in the films.

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