February 3, 2023


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The Walking Dead – Why was there a series about Rick instead of a movie? explains the manufacturer

In the ninth season of the show the walking Dead He went Andrew LincolnWho played Rick Grimes. The main character was to return in three solo films that were supposed to finish his story. But due to the pandemic, prolonged script writing and new projects involving the actor, AMC’s plans have changed. Eventually, instead of movies, there will be a six-episode series about Rick and Michonne (Danny Gurira).

during the broadcast strange talk For FearHQ.com, one of the series’ producers and directors, Greg Nicotero, revealed when and why it was decided to create a limited series.

Several copies of the text circulated [filmu] And it didn’t work out. The idea to create a series about Rick Grimes probably came about a year and a half ago. I don’t think anyone really thought this would happen. And that’s when we started realizing that: “Look, if we’re not going to make movies, maybe we’re going to make a series.”

The production about Rick and Michonne will be shown in 2023, like other projects from this universe, such as The Walking Dead: Dead City About Maggie and Negan and a series about Daryl. In addition, the eighth season will begin Fear of the Walking Dead.

You can see behind-the-scenes photos below. With Nicotero and Lincoln.

The Walking Dead – Behind-the-scenes photos of the series finale

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