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Netflix Every month, he adds dozens of new products to his library, some of which are quickly included in the top 10 list and become a topic of discussion around the world, as was the case with “Tiger King” or recently “Tinder Cheater”. The coming days will bring us Lots of news from the Polish backyard. We present a list of all the series, movies, documents, and programs that we will be watching for the first time on Netliks in April.

Polish news on Netflix in April

“keep calm” – thus

The disappearance of a teenager disrupts the seemingly idyllic lives of the wealthy residents of Warsaw’s housing district. Show their darkest secrets.

“Taming the Snake Skin” – April 13

When the grieving scientist returns to Podhale to start over, her cunning brother tries to convince her to sell the land by hiring a handsome stranger.

Only foreign series on Netflix

“Elite School” season 5 – April 8

In a Las Encinas school full of secrets, a new classroom encounters a new victim, a new criminal, and a new mystery.

Anatomy Scandal – April 15

The comfortable life of the wife of an influential politician is derailed when a scandalous secret is revealed and her husband is accused of a horrific crime.

Call Saul, Season 6, Part 1 – April 20

This is the sixth season of the Emmy Award-winning series.

“SELLING SUNSET” Season 5 – April 20

Nadia and Alan have had the most amazing nights of their lives over and over again and are now facing another amazing existential adventure.


In this series about growing up, school life, and teen love, teenage boys, Charlie and Nick, discover that their friendship could be more than that.

“OZARK”, Season 4, Part 2 – April 29

After being threatened from all sides, Marty and Wendy go to great lengths to please the gang, the FBI, and their children, and get their lives back.

Movies only on Neflix

“BUBBLE” – April 1

They run, hug and collapse. The actors and creators of the grassroots movement are trying to shoot another movie in the series while they are being quarantined in a luxury hotel.

Not from the league 3-1 April

After the surgery, Marta’s life was on the line, and true love was within reach. But will the heart be overwhelmed by ancient secrets and fickle fate?

Metal Lords – April 8

For teenage rebels Hunter and Kevin, there is only one path to fame – heavy metal. They decide to win the gang battle and become gods.

Between life and death – April 8

A teenage girl who lost her love for life in a tragic accident begins to believe that her lover is sending her messages from beyond the grave.

“Choose or Die” – April 15

Two friends, enamored of the chance to win an unclaimed cash prize, reboot a mysterious video game from the 80s and discover a surreal world of horror.

“INSLEEP FOR TWO” – April 22

Just before college starts, a diligent Auden meets the mysterious Ellie. Their nighttime adventures together allow her to experience the life of a carefree teen.


“Secrets of Marilyn Monroe: Unknown Chronicles” – April 27

A documentary in which the writer returns to the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe and reproduces recordings of conversations with people around her.

“Back to Space” – April 7

Elon Musk and SpaceX engineers embark on a pioneering mission to return NASA astronauts to the International Space Station.

“The World’s Most Famous National Park” – April 13

Commented on by former US President Barack Obama, this delightful documentary series presents the beauty of the world’s greatest national parks.

For children and family

“Animal Riding” – April 12

Special Agents Sam and Kate travel the world trying to unlock the secrets of the animal kingdom using spy skills, scientific facts and super tools.

“BATTLE KITTY” – April 19

The war cat must defeat all the monsters to win the title of champion. An interactive animated series written by Matt Laisel.

Animation on Netflix only

“PACIFIC RIM: THE BLACK” Season 2 – April 19

Hayley and Taylor continue their journey to Sydney in the ruined Atlas – accompanied by May and Little. However, a cruel sect stood in their way.

“BUBBLE” – April 28

In abandoned Tokyo overrun with bubbles and other gravity anomalies, a talented young man meets a mysterious girl on his way.

Polish cinema

“Forioza” – April 1

A cop story that will try to break the order in which you were raised.

“Jerik” – April 21

The life story of Eduard Gerek, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers Party in 1970-1980.

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