Prices are high.  Samsung Galaxy Watch5 will be much more expensive than Watch4

Unfortunately, the price increase did not go beyond Samsung’s upcoming flagship series of watches. The devices from the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 series will be much more expensive than the Galaxy Watch4.

Samsung certainly isn’t the manufacturer we weren’t expecting a price increase from. Unfortunately, the Koreans left no doubt about this immediately. Now the new Galaxy Watch5 series smartwatches will be much more expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 will be much more expensive than Watch4

Do you want to buy a new smart watch? Unfortunately, it won’t be cheap. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 In the version with a 40 mm disc and only with Bluetooth, it will cost 300 euros. For 350 euros we will get a variant with LTE. In case order 44 mm must be taken out of the wallet 350 euros or 400 euros.

Or maybe you want a watch in the Pro version? Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro With a 45 mm disc it will cost 490 euros with bluetooth alone and 540 euros with LTE. In the case of the cheapest device The difference will be 30 euros. There is no tragedy here. The higher is the worse. In the case of the middle mother an increase of 50 euros.

The Pro series will replace the Classic series. Here, in turn, we are talking about the father. An increase of 90 euros. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a significant increase already.

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Text source: sammobile, own

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